By Jen - 01/12/2009 17:25 - United States

Today, while on the phone with a client at work, I was planning on saying either "Yeah." or "Uh-huh." Without thinking, I combined the two and ended up saying "Yee-hah," like a cowboy. FML
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Where's the "Who freaking cares?" button?

Master of Fail


Master of Fail

Did your voice drop an octave too? Or did you say it like a cowgirl? (Yeah, that's right, there actually is a feminine version of the word!) Besides, a combination would be "yeah-huh." You're just dumb.

#30, it's funny, just get over it. Also, I don't think #1 appreciates people commenting on his/her post when it is unrelated to their comment. :)

I was agreeing with #1

Where's the "Who freaking cares?" button?

#2 ftw. idc how many good FML's get rejected compared to these crap ones that actually made it on. OH NO, YOU SAID THE WRONG WORD... IT'S 2012 COME EARLY... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

How do these FML's get on here? This is absolutely stupid.

Yee-haa go cowboy xD

xD This one made me laugh

How is this an FML? This is win! :D

what's your point? did you lose a client bc you accidentally misspoke?

The bar for FML submissions just gets lower and lower.

why were you planning yeah and uh huh?