By Embarrassed ass. - 23/10/2015 04:05 - United States - Oregon City

Today, while on a walk during lunch, I urgently needed to pee. Not thinking I could make it back to the office, I slipped into some bushes to relieve myself. As I was going, I looked to the side and saw two coworkers staring back at me. They were having sex, and I'm there with my dick out. Awkward. FML
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SBittick 20

where the fuck do you work!?!

I want a follow up


I want a follow up

tiger820 20

freak!..... ?

You have no clue what a follow-up is, right?

I know I know. It means following up people without them noticing. Right?

Agreed. I have so many questions.

sterling1113 15

Perfect opportunity to piss on them to assert dominance. Or they'll ask you to join in. Win/win really.

spacefish966 18

Haha, Win just Win!!! Best comment ever

A07 48

That's when you should have said " I saw this in a porn once"

And then they make a porno out of it

theroxors19 12

rule 37.

Well, did you ask if you could join?

There's not much you can do in this situation...besides not make eye contact with them again, never bring it up, and pretend it never happened.

Just scream and alert all other coworkers if necessary. That way it's a memorable experience for all.

SBittick 20

where the fuck do you work!?!

A07 48

You're asking all the real questions

The International Secret Intelligence Service

gobiteme2 34

Trojan plant.

@23 I see what you did there.

incoherentrmblr 21

Stratton Oakmont with Jordan Belfort...

Literally my exact thought

and are they hiring?

Whoa.. You guys have more work getting done in bushes rather than in office :)

Bet they were pissed off...

Better than being pissed on... Unless they like that kind of stuff...

Maybe next time hold it til you get to a bathroom like a grown up.

chrisbeaudoin 26

Guessing you never read the fml