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Today, while on a first date with a charming guy, I excused myself to the bathroom. I tried to bring my purse along, since my pads were in there, and mother nature was calling. He vehemently insisted that I leave my purse, in case I was planning on stiffing him on the bill. FML
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If he didn't trust you enough to take your purse to the bathroom, then I suggest you don't go out with him. Afterall, trust is one of the main ingredients to a healthy relationship, isn't it?

As embarassing as it may have been, if you didn't you should have tried to explain to him what was going on. I'm sure he would have understood.


As embarassing as it may have been, if you didn't you should have tried to explain to him what was going on. I'm sure he would have understood.

I'm sure she eventually had to explain, which is part of the unspoken FML.

Or OP could've taken a pad and left her purse there. Problem solved

I don't like grabbing pads out of my purse when I could just take my purse. Usually the packaging is pretty bright. :/

He was probably paranoid after reading the dozens of FMLs about people getting ditched on the first date.

Clearly that guys not worth it so i would have just been like "my vaginas bleeding screw off"

I don't understand why women are so embarrassed to carry pads/tampons. I mean sure, you don't have to scream it to the world that you're on your period. But if someone sees a pad in your pocket or whatever, who cares? I don't get it.

#45 I agree. I'm a seventeen year old girl and it doesn't bother me one bit. I've even had my boyfriend buy my tampons for me! I'm not even embarrassed to fart around him... But then again I've been with him for almost a year and four months. But either way, I wouldn't be embarrassed by the wonderful calling of Mother Nature when it happens.

Some women try to be discreet about such things. I think the bigger problem I would have is that this was the first date. She doesn't know him very well, yet he expects her to trust him not to steal money, credit card, etc from her purse? If he can't trust others, I wouldn't trust him. And the point at which he made a huge deal about her taking her purse to the bathroom should be the end of the date. No dining them dashing, simply pay your half of the bill and leave. You can't build a relationship if there is no trust

As a guy, it wouldnt bother me to know that either. Any decent guy who is truly interested in you, should even feel good knowing that you are comfortable explaining that to him...but im guessing you [op] didnt see him as being the right guy for you.

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There are other ways to hide it than just your purse, but it would be really annoying to be on a date with someone so distrustful over something that seems so simple.

Am I the only one who thinks its fucked up that he wasn't covering his dates part of the bill?

75- I was just going to make that point! It sounds a bit old fashioned maybe... but it's a first date. I thought he would be paying the bill.

I think it's fucked up that he seems like I wasn't going to pay for OPs half of the bill. I agree with ya there.

14- periods are natural, it's nothing to be embarrassed about.

75, 89 & 90 : on what grounds should he pay her half ? Is it because he's a man ? If we're going to get rid of gender stereotypes, then down with all of them. People can pay the full bill later on if the relationship is pursued, or they can offer to do it on the first date if they had a good time, but you can't expect that from someone just because he's a man.

I actually believe everyone should ALWAYS pay their half of the bill on the first few dates. The man or woman should treat their partner to a dinner out, etc...when they decide to and feel comfortable with their partner. Why should anyone pay the full bill on the first date when nobody is sure if it's even going to work. It's just ridiculous.

True, but they also need to build trust. I mean, it's the first date, you can't expect someone to fully trust someone 100%, especially in a world where trust is so rare.

The bill should be paid by whoever asked who first on the date. If op is in a blind date scenario then the payment of the bill should be discussed at arrival to said restaurant. Assumptions cannot be made when it comes to money; ops date made the decision on who's paying and I don't think op knew it.

Guys that have a problem with a lady's monthlies and act as though it's disgusting/unnatural are stupid, but the doesn't mean that we have to flaunt the fact by grabbing a pad/tampon in front of anyone, especially in a restaurant!

I'd just like to point out I firmly believe whoever asks pays because its their treat. On the second date(if their is one) it's the other persons turn.

To me, it's not that he should of automatically expected to pay the full bill; it's that out of fear of being liable for her half he insisted on access to her personal belongings. I'd be offended by his concern. I agree with #51. "Why should I trust you?! You don't trust me." Also, it's a 1st date. I wouldn't want to tell him I'm on my period, bc that could be the one lasting impression. Sure 2 years in you turn to your husband and announce, "I'll be back, gotta take a dump," But 1st date ettiquette suggests "Excuse me, I need to use the restroom." Strangers aren't entitled to all the details. You need a chance to feel them out. And, this date, sounds undeserving.

If he didn't trust you enough to take your purse to the bathroom, then I suggest you don't go out with him. Afterall, trust is one of the main ingredients to a healthy relationship, isn't it?

Pfft who needs trust when you've got swag..

It's a first date... Who says they've even met before, nevermind trust each other? Trust is something that is built... However, I'm not saying that the guy wasn't being unreasonable.

Lmao swag only gets you so far but I'm guessing you might already know that.

I knew I should've edited /sarcasm into it... I thought I made it detectable enough... Guess not. O well...

3 -it was a first date..

I am sure this has probably happened to him before.

He probably just read one too many FML's.

It is a first date.

It looks as if he has low self-confidence... Really, who asks a woman to leave a purse when she goes to the lady's room?

Maybe he really wanted to take something from it.

A guy that doesn't want to be ditched and have to pay the bill.

Apparently a "charming guy"

Why does it matter? He has to pay the bill anyway.

67-Then he should be more polite and just ask.

You leave it, he steals it and your stuck with the bill.

how can she pay the bill if he stole her purse?

126, that's some of the point. And besides, the restaurant isn't going to say, "Oh, you don't have your purse. You can leave."

He probably read that FML where the guy went to the bathroom and never came back. FML is not just a humor site -- it's an online life coach. He probably could have been cooler about it and insist you leave your driver's license, passport, credit card and about fifty bucks to guard against your attempted dine n dash.

7 - Hah. No way would I leave my passport, drivers license etc. potential identity theft waiting to happen. Not to mention a passport is worth up to and beyond $10,000 (depending on country of issue of course). Personally, if I couldn't go to the bathroom without comment and without collateral, I would pay my half and leave.

Where the fuck is a passport $10,000?

66 - an illegally obtained passport can cost up to $10 000. If, say, a terrorist wanted an American passport then they would pay that amount of money to get a stolen/forged one on the black market because they wouldn't be able to get it legally.

That's when you politely point out that he doesn't get to tell you what to do with your belongings, and then leave and stiff him on the bill.

I find it works out nicely to blurt out "I'm on my period, I need to change my pad, unless you want blood all over the seat of your car. Douche."

I would have just left my wallet and took the purse with me. Or you could have just been really blunt about it, then he would have shut up.

I don't know if I would trust a guy on our first date with my wallet. Maybe that's just me...

I would have just paid for my half of the meal and left! Forget leaving my purse and forget a second date...

I wouldn't give him any money. Sounds like he was awfully rude.

The man is suppose to pay the bill anyway.

The 1950s called. They want their sexist gender roles back.

Oh goodness here comes the lengthy debates. Good job, 11 good job.

Today, I was on a date with a really cute girl. I thought she was trying to stiff me on the bill when she tried to go to the "bathroom" with her purse. Turns out she's on her period. I was just trying to get some ass. FML

If you're just trying to "get some ass," you don't deserve the company of a woman.

And I'm not TOTALLY sure, but I'm pretty sure, if you're trying to "get ass" you at LEAST pay for dinner. And even then it's a toss up and depends on the type of girl you're going for. It is, after all, a first date.

Either he's had some bad experiences or he doesn't know women all that well.