By Ashlee - 15/02/2010 15:21 - United States

Today, while on a date with my boyfriend, he broke up with me. The reason why? Because I took a dump in his bathroom and "that's inappropriate for girls." FML
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xundria 5

....lolwut? All I have to say is if he's that immature, you're better off without him.

You're an idiot. Not everyone has air freshener in their bathroom. People just need to come to terms with the fact that women shit, and it smells just as bad as men's.


Lightbulb830 4

Did it smell?

ImRawrtastic 0

wow ur ex succks

It is unnatural girls don't take a dump a herpe can't be cured

ishankedyourcat 0

22 - ??????????? wth

Villanova23 0

haha how lady like

yo totally deserved it thank god he didn't found your wiG

shitbrix 0

brix have been shat

haha how is he ever going to live with a woman if he thinks they shouldn't shit?

madie_hearts09 0

everybody does it:) so what's the big deal

MissyWissyKach 0

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not first.... :( lol

that's... shitty... lol

missy whatever you're a bitch

haha wow op sure had some luck with guys for that to happe. did ur turd clog it tell u the truth I would award you for having balls to even be comfy to take a shit at my place not to mention if u let one rip and u hear it from out the door that's classic

sourgirl101 28

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I didn't think girls got assholes till they got married.... ahh kids these days.

Ydi for being a pirate. arr.

Missy ur a complete idiot

ydi for taking a dump, girls aren't allowed to do that.

You're an idiot. Not everyone has air freshener in their bathroom. People just need to come to terms with the fact that women shit, and it smells just as bad as men's.

and ur complaing he is so right! build a bridge aswell, so you can get over it XD

nates0210 0

I think it depends on how long they've been dating. if I had just started dating someone and they crapped all over the place I would def break up with them.

lol thats right and they never leave the kitchen either

u must ask ur self, how did he know that she took a dump! :/

OP is a pirate. That explains it all.

punchclock7 0

first off missywissykach, shut the fuck up. second, everybody shits. you do, I do, she does. the real retard is you, because what if their was no air freshener? this is FML so yes, it's ok to post it on here. go cultuvate yourself and learn that your shit doesn't smell like perfume and violets, it stinks like everyone else. OP, you're better than your boyfriend, you'll find someone better.

jack8765 0

missy is a bitch

Rawwrness 3

for all the guys that think women don't shit obviously don't have a sister or simply just have two dads.

_Underscore 0

wait is it an ass or a colon?

mcgugs 0

@58, 94 totally agree. when I first saw her name I honestly thought it said missywussybiatch xD no jokes

WIN! but she left out one detail she was drunk and miss the toilet! I know cause I'm the boyfriends. Never thought I'd end up here on FML though.

She left out one major detail. She missed the toilet. I know cause I'm the bf... FML

lildeejay160 2

lol u stupid

Girls poop? O_o

they shouldn't 176; that's why he broke up with her

Tyler_is_sexy 0

I agree

fact. one of the chemicals found in girds is one of the most important ingredients in perfume x] true

xxjona777xx 0

omg!!! how could you!!! u are nasty!!

I kinda agree with Missy cause yeah you may not have air freshner but I'm a fat ass and I dnt have nasty shits cause I dont have air freshner and my girl don't complain your nasty ass probably just fucked up the bathroom or he's a prude either way build a bridge and get the fuck over it

Bay_Ridge 0

and of course your name is shitbrix lol

Rawwrness 3

 to everyone who sai "shit happens" xD

xGet_Over_It 0

"while on a date with me boyfriend"? are you a pirate?

that is so funny but he's right

number 209 u stole wat I said

chenry 0

Fuck you, you're probably a big fat dominican bitch who takes baby sized shits. Fuck it makes me gag thinking about women taking shits. That's an FML right there

good reason. I'd do the same.

you should take a dump on front of his house entrance!

Your ex has a point.

vballerlover07 0

Did anybody else notice how their "date" was at the boyfriends house???


oarisimo 4

113 who said she "crapped all over the place"??

Really 190, that's so stupid. Just because girls are supposed to be so called "lady like" doesn't mean we can't poop.

@67 seriously man..that's a keeper. No sarcasm intended.

*you're. If you're going to call someone an idiot, at least use proper grammar!

See? This is what the girl with the fiance was worried about! You should've been an undercover pooper until you locked him down.

Trevv 0

Agreed. I think he was just looking for a way out of the relationship, and gave up looking for something rational.

NGM_47 0

I thought that girls don't poop?

last time i checked girls masturbate cuz that's a good thing. But the other stuff, hells no.

Malinkrot 3

only fat girls poop

We don't burp either.

afarr 0

0.0 my sister and daughter do. Dunno about my wife.

mcgugs 0

@121 your daughter and wife both mastrubate? o.O how you know?

mcgugs 0

daughter and sister sorry :p and how would you know that they do it an not your wife? your world's a little...backwards xD

haha I beltch around my guy friends all the time and I can do it louder than them. I get high fives and things like "damn girl ! that was awesome! '' I'm not a nasty person either. I'm very clean and polite. haha fyl OP. that sucks. but wow, I would NEVER have the guts to fart infront or near a guy nevermind poop... :/ ehhh he's kinda immature though... how embarassing.

He's going to be really disappointed to find out that all females do, in fact, have to poop.

we definitely don't.

your boyfriend is a moron.... just like number 3

Yeah op don't you know anything

The_F3rris 11

You'll think differently when I leave a surprise on your doorstep tonight

jamescrazy96 17

I do! I also had a burping contest with my boyfriend!!

a Dump for aDump sounds fair enough :D not first nor will i ever be

Remember to hold it and explode next time. *Boom*

princess09 3

U couldn't hold it until u got home?

The_F3rris 11

You shouldn't risk spontaneous combustion

Girls poop and fart... It's just most of the time they don' keep their mouth closed long enough to build up the gas.

myman47 0

me boyfriend??

Are you serious I got moderated? A person said the n word yet his comment is up but I make a joke and I get moderated? Someone needs a life.

this is a fucked up world Hun

imcole 0


that's shitty ;)

hehehe naice pun

dorkside_fml 0

nice spelling.

It's a blessing in disguise! Uea, it sucks, but he obviously is a idiot if he doesn't know that girls poop...

mayb she clogged it up lol