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  balex_fml  |  0

Just because it went down her shirt doesn't mean her cleavage was showing. At my school plenty of girls don't shoe cleavage but still have a little space to play basket ball with.

  ubetrwatchBN  |  5

I concur. While it's likely that op was a girl with too much cleavage showing, that's not necessarily the case, and it doesn't have to be low cleavage for that to happen.

in grade school, we practiced throwing things across the room at ppl a lot. I once threw half of a crayon down a girl's shirt from across the classroom, and she was just wearing a normal blouse. Ah, to be a kid. lol

  inuyasha1618  |  7

honestly, there probably was cleavage since it wouldnt fall down a T-Shirt and I doubt he was standing right on top of her to get the gum to fall in. it would have to be a pretty wide area to fall in~

  tweetbaby14  |  17

I find it sad how because I directly say "put your boobs away." I get lectured, and how the person I'm commenting under is saying pretty much the same thing and being praised/ ignored. nice to know there are NO double standards.

  rattusrattus  |  18

All clases with sensible teachers do. I once put my fingers in someone's still-damp gum that had been stuck under the table. I got told off for grossed-out screaming until they realised the gum was there. Then my normally reasonable and fair teacher went very quiet and angry. I would not like to be the person who stuck that wad there.

  0opsie  |  6

I always hated that I couldn't chew gum just because some people were too stupid to rip some paper and wait for the trash can. Why do they stick their nasty gum where other people are going to sit?