By Skittles
Today, while my husband and I were having sex, we were trying this strawberry flavored lube which had a very strong candy smell. My husband starts laughing mid-performance, looks me in the eye, and exclaims "F*CK THE RAINBOW, TASTE THE RAINBOW!" FML
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By  Cynical_1  |  26

I think the point of the FML is that he stopped just to laugh about something rather silly. The OP probably feels...and rightly so...that he really must not have been that into it. I'm sure most people would find that somewhat upsetting. Especially if they were really into it themselves.

By  Glowworm56  |  25

I am strongly reminded of a fake (Meaning it was not an official one) commercial for Skittles in which a newlywed couple do the deed and the groom shoots out Skittles.

By  jfsiv  |  17

My Ex never could laugh or have fun while having sex. Everything had to be fully romantic, or it was just mechanical. fuck that, sex should be fun at times. Notice that she's now my Ex.