By Anonymous - 11/12/2011 07:29 - Canada

Today, while my boyfriend was sneaking out before my parents woke, he slipped on some ice and fell on their car. The alarm went off. FML
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He should have just ran off into the darkness, leading them to think that their car alarm saved them from a burglary.

That's a slippy situation


That's a slippy situation

I see what you did there.

That akward moment when your boyfriend realizes that he's not quite the stealth ninja prowler he thought he was.

Well your boyfriend is an idiot... That's why you always stay in the grass when you are sneaking around.

Ice to meet you!

52- Like a ghillie on a deer stalking expedition?

That pun was just fridgid. You just just cool down and put it on ice. It sent shivers up my spine. You sir, are ice-cold.

Hahaha bro that was ice cold

that's when you act like you don't know him

Smooth move exlax

n_epic_fail 14

Award for biggest epic fail!! And that means something coming from me.

the_fuck_is_this 2

Counter uav is up they're blind

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they still make cars that go off when you touch them?

nixter5 18

Hey kids, this is how NOT to sneak around parents!!

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This is why all guys need more ninja training lol

pablopoo 7

Ur a kid douche

And you're not??

Torva_fml 16

68-I don't understand how anything he said would imply that he is a douche... Please, explain.

bobbycorwen 5

68 - You're a moron.

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Your an accusing mother fucker

bobbycorwen 5

^ Where is that comment directed?

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132 that's not funny. Your a dick for making a Holocaust joke.

He should have just ran off into the darkness, leading them to think that their car alarm saved them from a burglary.

I think trying to run away on ice is what caused this in the first place :P

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You don't understand how your picture is so appropriate for this comment.

Tell him to stop playing CoD so much. Jumping off roofs is for Soap and Price only.

chilldude69 8

Those would be characters from the modern warfare franchise who have the ability to jump or fall from any height and still be able to walk or run like nothing happened.

I know who they are. He fell on an icy driveway and knocked a car setting off the alarm. Where does the height come in?

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35 NOT! only with commando perk...

you would know.

builditbetter09 3

Oh lord my feelings are hurt...

MetroidSlayer01 8

If he got away, then there's no problem. Just say an animal set it off or something. Still fyl though

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yeah thats kinda what i was thinking he shoulda just took off running im sure he would have had enough time to get away

just hope he did not damage the car haha.

When was the last time you accidently touched a car and damaged it? Who are you hulk?

Hulk SLIP!!!

Torva_fml 16

I know a lot of people that get off with the slightest touch... Cars on the other-hand, aren't that sensitive.

Falling onto a car could easily scratch / dent it...

itsame0987 18

Not true.. My neighbor's car alarm goes off every time there is a thunderstorm, or when a large truck comes through the parking lot. It depends on the alarm you have. But either way ydi op.

"he fell on their car" if you slipped on ice and fell hard enough accidently on the bonet it can leave a dent. i done it before so i know its possible. and thats damage so there. :-)

great way to meet the family

Torva_fml 16

I would just pretend to be gay and say we were watching twilight and that I didn't want the father to think I was fucking his daughter. Later I'd discover my sexuality, and resume dating his daughter. PROBLEM SOLVED.

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Talk about your mission impossible

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No just no

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Ninja skills

That sucks bad

That's why OP posted an FML about it. No duh it sucks!!

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give her a break... shes bonde