By Anonymous
  Today, while making deliveries, a lady answered the door stark naked and invited me in. I'm a young single guy so I went for it, but her husband was also there, ready to go with an enormous boner, so I ran to my van and went back to the depot. They reported me for bad customer service. FML
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  Dave_Davington  |  33

You've been watching too many movies. Murders are almost always done by someone who actually knows and therefore feels they have a reason to kill the victim. It's extremely rare that someone will decide to kill a total stranger for funsies.

  GhostFox  |  33

Err, I was specifically referring to the cases where the murderer and victim don't have a prior relationship. The majority of the time, rises like this ARE used as the bait to draw the victim out of the public eye. It's also the common setup for sexual assaults and batteries, when the victim and attacker don't know each other.

By  almost_there44  |  26

I will never understand how people can have sex with someone they literally made eye contact with two seconds prior. Saying, "They're two consenting adults", or "As long as they used protection" is getting old. It's none of my business and I know it happens every day, but damn! It is something I could never see myself doing out of fear and disgust.

By  chessu  |  21

I mean, as much as I get the temptation, surely you must realise porn isn't real life?

By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

Both parties are at fault here. She shouldn't have answered the door naked or invited you in (why would she do that with her husband there? Guess she wanted a threesome?), and you shouldn't have accepted the offer since you were on the clock.