By booger - / Thursday 18 July 2013 07:41 / United States - Plano
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  illusong  |  16

thats right grosss! but if your bf is willing to do that without feeling disgusted that means he really love you! Thats the bright side to this situation.

  HowieDoIt  |  21

Why all the thumbs down? Who nose? I think you all are just picking on him for no reason, and that ignites a phlegm under me! Rant over, time for me to boogie on out of here.

  Nordrag  |  25

Ya. Waitings not my strong point. But as for editing mine that's kinda what the "fuck it" was. Cause by the time I saw it I didn't have much edit time and I'm not great under pressure of the timer.

Overall I deserve it. It's just rather irritating to me. Ill just go to sleep eh? Bit irritable tonight. My apologies.

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