By booger - 18/07/2013 07:41 - United States - Plano

Today, while lying in bed, my boyfriend began to stroke my nose. "You can pick your girlfriend, but you can't pick your girlfriend's nose," I said playfully. In response, he shouted "Yes, I can!" before painfully jamming his pinky up my left nostril. FML
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he accepted your challenge.

bballer4life895 13

Tell him to stop "picking" on you! Lol :)


jw90 18


thats right grosss! but if your bf is willing to do that without feeling disgusted that means he really love you! Thats the bright side to this situation.

Or he likes picking noses.

#27.....this unfortunately is one of my boyfriends favorite past times.

Rather childish, but surely he was hoping to get a laugh out of you. I mean, you did start the joking bit.

bballer4life895 13

Tell him to stop "picking" on you! Lol :)

RocketNinjaFish 12

How old is he? Surely he nose better!

he accepted your challenge.

Exactly, most guys won't turn down a challenge.

at least he has a sense of humor :)

CallMeWindSock 24

Or a really weird fetish.

TheElBurrrito 21

It is just another hole..... I mean. What?!

TheElBurrrito 21

I'll just go ahead and thumb down myself. All the cool kids are doing it.

Any holes a goal..

Gives a hole new meaning to "nose job"!

"You can be snotty at your boyfriend, but your boyfriend can be snotty on you!"

Why all the thumbs down? Who nose? I think you all are just picking on him for no reason, and that ignites a phlegm under me! Rant over, time for me to boogie on out of here.

let's call this an awkward situation.

Challenge accepted

Eh lighten up. You started it.

Fuck it. I give up on replys. I'm 0/2 with people editing their comments when I reply.

Then wait 2 minutes before replying, or edit yours after.

Ya. Waitings not my strong point. But as for editing mine that's kinda what the "fuck it" was. Cause by the time I saw it I didn't have much edit time and I'm not great under pressure of the timer. Overall I deserve it. It's just rather irritating to me. Ill just go to sleep eh? Bit irritable tonight. My apologies.

hey man don't beat yourself up

CallMeWindSock 24

Only start apologizing after the FML community has mercilessly torn you to shreds.