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it was a fail rescue! I first youre supposed to supposed to yell and ask if they're okay and need help. then you use the ladder approach which does NOT involve jumping in first.... talk, throw, wade, row... etc. what kind of lifeguard are you?? jeez.


dang 20 you're the blackest person I've ever seen on fml, I had sunglasses on and it looked like it was one of those shadow pictures but when I took them off I could see better but still youre pretty black.

  iSitt  |  0

it's ok the one armed man probably gets that alot.
better that you responded to someone who didn't need it than ignored someone who did.

  spainboy  |  0

# 19
U idiot u learn that in bronze medallion and bronze cross. In nls they teach you that during a dns ( drowning victim) you are supposed to blow your whistle and jump in and not do that bs u said. Some lifeguard you are


19: I've never been a lifeguard (I'm a shitty swimmer), but I took this to mean the guy was underwater and OP saw what looked like a hand waving for help. Kinda hard to ask someone if they're OK if you can't see his head.

  starile  |  19

I was imagining one of those HUGE ones like in Water Country, USA or Splashdown Water Park where it can get rather deep and fit hundreds of people in it. Anyone can drown in one of those things.

  DncrHap  |  9

haha. i was definitely thinking of this super tiny one i went to when i was a kid.
older kids and parents were in there, too, but it barely went up to their waists. so, i guess i'm just not educated in the way of the wave pool.

By  yagurlteeteexoxo  |  0

@8 you would be surprise of how many ppl drowned in a pool. it's water an it depends on how deep the pool is. especially ppl that can't really swim an go to the pool all alone. sit happens in water.