By lifeguardfuckup - United States
Today, while lifeguarding, I received six prank phone calls on the official pool phone. When it rang again, I picked it up, told them to go fuck themselves, hung up, and then left the phone off the hook. A second later, my cellphone rang. It was my boss, telling me to get a sense of humor. FML
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  Maddoctor  |  10

Yeah but it would have been out of place for her boss to fire her if the boss was the one being annoying in the first place. Sounds like s/he never grew up past the age of 12.

  Maddoctor  |  10

Well...the OP's a woman, and I actually don't know how her boss would've reacted. I'm being torn between his sense of humor/immaturity to decide whether or not he would have been offended, although I think the principle of prank calling someone-especially your own employee-shouldn't be grounds enough for dismissing them.

  fmlfmlfml15  |  0

Oh whoops, i keep forgetting to read whether the OP is a man or woman...but i'm just saying, she told her boss to go fuck him/herself, she should be lucky that all she got was a slap on the wrist, considering how much of a jackass her boss is. Now it would really be an FML if after she told her boss off, he/she fired her. It's not the OP's fault for telling the prank-caller off (especially since she didn't know that it was her boss) because she was supposed to be working and someone could have drowned. But when she cursed at her boss, she's lucky that all he/she said was "get a sense of humor".

  time4coffee  |  3

What's the FML? you didn't get fired. You boss may be an idiot but when you cursed him out all he did was say get a sense of humor. Nothing seemed to happen except you got a little annoyed


yeah, that's kind of ridiculous that your boss would do that, especially since the basis of what you did is saving someone's life. just sayin' what if someone had been drowning while your boss was making one of his prank calls?

By  zeal  |  0

Your boss sounds really cool if he was prank-calling you while you were on your job :)

You could probably get away with slacking too...