By Ava777 - 20/02/2009 19:21 - United States

Today, while leaving school to skip fourth period, I hit someone's car in the parking lot. It was the teacher's whose class I was going to skip. FML
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that was some quick karma, huh.

There are lessons to be learned here...


that's what he gets for teaching a skippable class.

Quit being such a grammar whore! And you know you hit that car on purpose!

if it was parked in the damn parking lot she must have done it on purpose lol unless shes a fricken retard......oh, wait a sec

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You sound like a role model everyone should follow. *Sarcasm*

skipping classes often is like trying to pass a driving test while drunk you aint going anywhere

Well, you'll go somewhere, but you'll just end up crashing and burning

that was some quick karma, huh.

yep! karma's a bitch sometimes

is it a nice car?

There are lessons to be learned here...

And in the classroom

ahahahaha i never skipped class in highschool but i probably could if i wanted to! (i did in college for the first two years) HAVE FUN :) and don't tell anyone :-P

Karma hurts, doesn't it? :)

learn to drive dip shit

I once cut class with my best friend, and I realized that my mother had been tailing us for an hour. That was a bad, bad day. She took pictures.