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Rofl how old was the kid?

little kids always speak the truth about stuff like that. . . .


yes... indeed... FYL

YES THE MODS DID SOMETHING GOOD! :). they are moderating 'first!!' comments now. ty mods :p

awhh ur not a Milf so what !

what's a Milf???

lol that kid is awesome xD but FYL o_o

Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

mother I'd like to f*** :D or MILF!

Ydi for being ugly.

it could have been worse. you could have found pubes in your food! all of a sudden a little crying kid insulting you isn't so bad is it?

sry for you op but you were made the way you are. and don't take it badly s/he was a kid not a guy who your interested in so don't worry!

hehe milf!! I just had an American pie marathon yesterday lol

mayb his mom is just an insane milf. he said u were uglier than his mom. never said u were ugly directly. jus in comparison to his mom u fall short

fck where's my comment? ah well

aw poor kid was probably terrified. lol jk but if youre taking someone seriously that probably wets the bed, eats paste and watches barney, i feel bad for you. theres people out there that think you're pretty, go find em, who gives a shit about what kids say.

that kid owned you, but it's okay, real Beauty is on the inside, that is why you need to gimme your number so I can get a look inside.

I wish I wouldve seen that.

The first part was actually of cute, despite that fact he thought you were ugly.

oh no, they're molding marinus's comments now, too D:

tell him he ain't no looker either

modding* iPhone autocorrect >.< OP owned! but FYL

your awesome haha!

Man that bites. So much for that Miss America pageant.

(M)om (I)'d (L)ike to (F)uck

Chew it over with Twix.

probably cause you're ugly.

I guess you do too.

Freeze, Loooooool awesome milf acronym breakdown!

You didn't know M.I.L.F stood for that as well? It's really an Islamist group.

ha like you have any room to talk. go cut yourself ice queen.

What is this, Narnia?

YDI becaues while leaving a restrant, a little boy grabbed ur leg and screamed mommy dont leave me. then he looked at ur face and said ew ur a lot uglier then my mom and ran away screaming in fear.

#88-oh HELL no!

It's good to see that the stupid trolls are now telling themselves to shut up. This site really is turning around. :]

he was actually telling me to shut up, my comment disappeared. and no I won't shut up

it wuldve been funnier if op was a guy

skrol is gone??{€

88 don't start that shit

We now have only two people doing the same thing on every FML; Marinus does his it could be worse thing, using other FMLs, and legonut does the it's funny because.

It's funny because it could have been worse and it's moist. Nobody is born gay--it's a choice just like what clothes you wear! FTW!! Dur dur dur I'm cool coz I come one here and comment on every single FML.

39 is not cute dude. She's 12 lol.

It's funny coz it coulda been worse and it's moist. Nobody's born gay--it's a choice. Epic fail! FTW! Dur dur dur I'm cool cuz I comment on every single FML.

I'm 13 and I think she is cute and has a nice smile, now I can't get hated. also PLEASE do not start the YDI "comment copied here"'s annoying. and so is marinus with his It could have been worse comments and legonut with his it's funny because comments.

the whole 'YDI because -restate FML-' is stupid. please stop.

this didn't happen.

at least you were loved for a little while

I'm 16 ... thanks.

Lauren ur still cute ;)

ydi for not sucking my dick

awh afdude87 is really sweettt. lol :)

I love the spider bites

if milf a bad thing I don't understand

this ^ guy is a racist ball licker

22 STFU dumb bull and FYL OP... Next time you see him fuck his little ass up that little disrespectful motherfucker these kids nowadays are too damn smart...

72, thanks for illustrating so poignantly how a humorous concept can fall dead without the right context or timing. Or said another way, you fail.

Moro Islamic liberation Front IS real! LOL! That's quite funny.

MILF = Mom I'd Like (to) F... (you fill in the dots)

is it just me or didn't the OP's FML said "Eww you're a lot uglier than my mommy." Did they moderate the FML?

is that you with Andy Sixx in your pic!?

74 is that you with Andy Sixx in your picture!?

Lol another ugly girl posting an FML? Never!!

54 is for sure, one of the best looking girl on FML !

this fml was posted a week ago the only difference is the kid said ewwew your much ugly then my mommy

thanx Chloe :)

Rofl how old was the kid?

probably like 17

Can somebody explain to me what "Trolling" means?

73 It's basically being a retarded prick over the internet.

73 In addition to what 75 said, a troll is someone who actually leaves 4chan and comments racist/sexist/offensive comments. If you argue with the troll, it has succeeded.

Haha that's so funny! And who care's if you're first. It just makes you look like an idiot.

It could of been worse. It could of been your a random guy giving you a blowjob thinking you were his girlfriend


hahahaha take the clue

No Bianca, just no...

no I will not Bianca, actually I will I got my ps3 back. :) k ya the mom could be a mild, and op could have a nice looking bod like the mild but op is a butter face :(

but butterbodies can be fixed, butterfeces really can't unless you want to pay a bunch of money for plastic surgery

oops hah faces NOT feces

little kids always speak the truth about stuff like that. . . .

yes they do.....and i would say my mother was prettier anyway its what kids r supposed to do

It's funny because it could have been worse and it's moist. Nobody is born gay--it's a choice just like what clothes you wear! FTW!! Dur dur dur I'm cool coz I come one here and comment on every single FML.

118 its not funny. stop.

well, on a totally unrelated note... do u guys think i should get a hermit crab and name him thurman?

hell yea!!!!

he probably saw that mirror in your pants