By icandothecancan - United States - Duncan
Today, while in the yard, my 18-month-old son decided to take off running into the road, where a car was driving. I rushed after him, only for one of my dress straps to suddenly break without warning. It must have looked like I was trying to flag down the driver with my flailing tit. FML
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  jrn  |  14

I'm assuming we'd be reading a drastically different FML if he wasn't ok

  Godsofdracos  |  15

Today I chased after my baby son who ran into the street and ended up being hit by a car... The worst part was my tit was flailing in the wind while I was running due a strap breaking on my dress.

Is that how you two pictured the FML where her son got hit and isn't ok?

By  1dvs_bstd  |  41

God bless mothers and their instincts.. even animals. OP, your phrasing tho, lmfrao. Reminds me of the professor in Futurama in the episode 'Neutopia' hope your kid is alright tho.