By icandothecancan - 21/06/2014 23:14 - United States - Duncan

Today, while in the yard, my 18-month-old son decided to take off running into the road, where a car was driving. I rushed after him, only for one of my dress straps to suddenly break without warning. It must have looked like I was trying to flag down the driver with my flailing tit. FML
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Calm your tits.

At least your son is okay (?) :)


At least your son is okay (?) :)

Hopefully, otherwise she made a right tit out of herself for nothing.

jrn 14

I'm assuming we'd be reading a drastically different FML if he wasn't ok

Today I chased after my baby son who ran into the street and ended up being hit by a car... The worst part was my tit was flailing in the wind while I was running due a strap breaking on my dress. Is that how you two pictured the FML where her son got hit and isn't ok?

Well that's one way to make him slow down.

Yea, flashing "headlights" is a great way for drivers to get each others attention.

nellbell414 13

Or swerve and cause an accident

Calm your tits.

Should she pat them soothingly and offer words of encouragement to her nipples?

Llama_Face89 33

Nah I can do it for her

Well hopefully you caught him but that would be a great story to tell in years time

You sure like to think about the years to come don't you?

"Then there was this one time my tits were flailing about in the neighborhood...* *silence*

#17-You know me so well haha

As long as the kids alright, no matter what you had to go through.

How is this even downvoted? People actually hope the kid isnt ok?

Atleast you saved your son.

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We can safely assume the son is ok, otherwise, her memory of the event wouldn't be a broken dress strap.

Lol damn! At least ya sons okay and u got a lil work OUT

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God bless mothers and their instincts.. even animals. OP, your phrasing tho, lmfrao. Reminds me of the professor in Futurama in the episode 'Neutopia' hope your kid is alright tho.

Schizomaniac 24

Ah, OP was trying to make her milkshake bring all the boys to the yard. Clever, OP. Clever.

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