By what sex life? / Tuesday 2 August 2016 06:26 / United States - Nashville
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  Rawrshi  |  25

I'm pretty sure OP wasn't exactly sawing back and forth, #1. I know loofahs are usually quite rough, but you'd have to really try to hurt someone with one to cause pain. I'm sure OP's boyfriend was fine. Minus the bruised bum, of course.

  zipJohn  |  16

Actually, if properly cared for and kept in an area that quickly dries the loofa, they're quite hygienic. Also maybe she replaces a loofa every two weeks... No sense in questioning why she owns one if she didn't mention it was from Christmas two years ago.

  ZaiopePerSe  |  15

literally anything else, 23.

27, even if you take care of your loofah there will still be the fact that it's made from a crumpled mesh. dead skin gets stuck in there and other things get stuck on that.