By mel - United Kingdom - Bournemouth
Today, while in the break room at work, I laughed at a co-worker's joke and started choking on my drink. My boss exclaimed in front of everyone, "We need to teach this girl how to swallow!" to everyone's childish amusement. Now they won't stop calling me Spit. FML
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  saksxalmo  |  20

I honestly don't understand the obsession with swallowing semen. I mean, it's already out of your body, it's not like it matters what you do with it at that point. It's not like swallowing makes you a better person. :/

  Torva_fml  |  16

I'm a guy, and I have no extreme desire for anyone to swallow my load.. Yes, it would save me a minute of my time, to clean myself off... But other than that there is no real benefit.

By  DocBastard  |  38

Wow, am I the only one not even faintly amused by this? Seriously, how dare the boss say something so humiliating in front of everyone! He should be ashamed of himself!

Besides, everyone knows nice girls take it on their tits, not in their mouths. Isn't that right, Spoogy McCleavage?

By  ProhibitionRose  |  14

That's sexual harassment. Your boss should know better with how many sexual harassment lawsuits there are. Even if it is a friendly work atmosphere they shouldn't be so immature and disrespectful.


It's all in how it's said. And judging by everyone's reaction, it was probably said in a way that suggested the boss didn't mean rehabilitation. Almost all jobs make you sit through any anti-sexual harassment video/lesson.

  daemonsparta  |  16

nobody is allowed a little immaturity. op obviously has a thick skin and can take humor. she should get him back with an immature joke if her own, that's how you truly adapt.