By WentInABush - United States - Portland
  Today, while in my room on the computer, I had a sudden urge to pee. I got up to use the loo and started hearing some disturbing noises from inside. Apparently I was so quiet my parents thought I was gone and decided to have sex in the shower. It's been an hour and my bladder is about to burst. FML
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  Annis_x3  |  7

5- It's funny though, because when OP submitted the FML, the username is WentInABush, while her bladder is still on the verge of bursting. Haha x)

  drewcat21  |  0

When I was 7 my family moved from the middle of nowhere to in the middle of town. U was used to being able to pee outside and not having to run inside(and track up the house and such) first week there my parents walked out to me peeing off the front porch as traffic drove by.

  Feared  |  9

Not if you are a trouble maker like me. If they thought they were home alone I would have knocked loudly on the bathroom door like a hundred times. Then I would leave the house (since they already think im gone) so that they think someone broke in.

  ksuth  |  25

If you heard your parents having sex in the shower would you go into the bathroom with them to piss? It's bad enough just hearing it.

  bfsd42  |  20

On an interesting side note, if you get caught peeing in public here in California, you have to register as a sex offender. Crazy but true.


Where I live even a girl can go outside. We have no neighbors and if we're home alone we just go. Most girls around here are bush broke( for those with dirty minds it means that we will squat behind a bush and pee)

  missalkali  |  8

"guys, check more thoroughly next time you get it on. I'm now scarred for life"

-next time-
"hey dad, what do you need"
"oh, nothing son, just checking if you were home so me and mom can do it good. she likes it hard and deep you know"

yeah, awkward

  holyshitbatman  |  20

why should they check THEIR house before having sex? OP needs to realize that people have sex. it's a part of human nature. sucks he was stuck with a full bladder, but he could have gone outside