By WentInABush - 15/11/2012 07:23 - United States - Portland

Today, while in my room on the computer, I had a sudden urge to pee. I got up to use the loo and started hearing some disturbing noises from inside. Apparently I was so quiet my parents thought I was gone and decided to have sex in the shower. It's been an hour and my bladder is about to burst. FML
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I'd go piss outside or something.

And that's why it's great to be a man - The outside world is our urinal.


I'd go piss outside or something.

Well if you look at Op's name I think they already did :P

Man if you have neighbors then pissing outside becomes a task only ninjas can complete, unless you wave it like you just don't care :P

unless you're in Australia.

bengermin 5

Again, SO many FML's could be prevented if people still wore diapers.

Ins0mau 20

16 - Why would Australia be any different? (An Australian)

You'll get eaten by spiders.

Find a tree, they are much better than bushes.

5- It's funny though, because when OP submitted the FML, the username is WentInABush, while her bladder is still on the verge of bursting. Haha x)

imavelociraptor 6

12- wave what exactly? OP is a girl...

agsilver 14

Turn the lights off and whizz out the window. It's faster.

When I was 7 my family moved from the middle of nowhere to in the middle of town. U was used to being able to pee outside and not having to run inside(and track up the house and such) first week there my parents walked out to me peeing off the front porch as traffic drove by.

Piss in the kitchen sink, ju

Look at gender, OP is a girl and maybe she lives in the city, just sayin.

Scbomb 4

That's exactly what I would've done. Then I would make an appointment with a therapist

Your life sucks big time, OP D:

Not if you are a trouble maker like me. If they thought they were home alone I would have knocked loudly on the bathroom door like a hundred times. Then I would leave the house (since they already think im gone) so that they think someone broke in.

I don't think burglars knock annoyingly waiting for someone to open the door.

40 - True, but ghosts on the other hand... I think that's still a pretty good prank idea!

Scared for life.

AlexM42 5

Ummm just a guess here but I think you meant "scarred"... Unless you were informing everyone that you have acute paranoia

Yes I meant that sorry everyone ...

Since you already know you're really good at being quiet, why not sneak onto the toilet? Or the loo

If you heard your parents having sex in the shower would you go into the bathroom with them to piss? It's bad enough just hearing it.

Of course I would. Don't people normally do that?

LiterOfCola 16

4 doesn't need the bathroom! They just piss on power 96.1...

4- Oh god. Bad mental image.

Too bad OP's parents aren't quite like her. :/

I'm gonna go on a hunch and say he went in a bush...

my apologies. Saw it was a she after the comment was posted. Can't edit on my phone app :/ maybe the fml community will have mercy upon me this one day.

I don't think that a possibility. How dare you make such a horrendous mistake! :)

PhishloverA 14

Actually yes you can #15

90 You can't not on our copy of it alteast.

15- You can edit it for the first two minutes or so that your comment is posted.

Depends on your phone android can't (as he stated in the comment(#15))

And that's why it's great to be a man - The outside world is our urinal.

Except op is not a man.

However, DocBastard IS a man. Therefore his statement is valid.

7 was referring to himself (and perhaps all the other males reading this).

Inheritance 10

OP should be glad he didn't walk in on them.

What makes you so sure he's a dude?

Inheritance 10

Meant she my bad

This is extremely true... my bf pees outside even when their is a toilet less than 20 feet away inside the house :|

Rare to see their instead of there mistakes, good job.

bfsd42 20

On an interesting side note, if you get caught peeing in public here in California, you have to register as a sex offender. Crazy but true.

UltimateGIRness 16

Where I live even a girl can go outside. We have no neighbors and if we're home alone we just go. Most girls around here are bush broke( for those with dirty minds it means that we will squat behind a bush and pee)

106 Your bio sounds a lot like a friend of mine. She's nucking futs.

Judging by your username, I guess it's not a problem anymore. But, ugh that's disturbing OP, I'd warn them to really check the house before they do that again.

That would be an awkward conversation.

"guys, check more thoroughly next time you get it on. I'm now scarred for life" -next time- "hey dad, what do you need" "oh, nothing son, just checking if you were home so me and mom can do it good. she likes it hard and deep you know" yeah, awkward

holyshitbatman 20

why should they check THEIR house before having sex? OP needs to realize that people have sex. it's a part of human nature. sucks he was stuck with a full bladder, but he could have gone outside

115 - who wants to see or hear their parents having sex? I don't! It's just a matter of respect. And *she.

Just walk in and pee. Thatd probably teach them not to assume stuff before actually checking. lol

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Even if it would "teach them a lesson," I don't think many people would be too thrilled about willingly walking in and catching their parents having sex...

Not to mention its THEIR house.

I'm sorry for OP cos his house doesn't have a second toilet.

catanita 18

Go outside or if you were a man you could always use a bottle

Also, she might get a spider in her ass.