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  tomtm7  |  0

it must not taste that bad if she was chewing on it. op, maybe u should try chewing on one and if u like it u can start ur own companie that sells packs of used bandaids instead of gum and become a millionar with that great idea..

  anaisnin  |  0

that's pretty gross. I also have a three year old and she might pick it up to look at it but I doubt she would put it in her mouth. maybe have a talk with her.

and I would like to add that it's nearly impossible to watch her every second exspecially if you have more than one kid like me. I have three children. ages 6, 3, and 8mo. shame on all you people for saying bad parent.

  FMLRevoluSean  |  0

There are too many minorities (minorities) At my water park (my water park) This was our land, our dream (our dream) and they've taken it all away They just keep coming and coming (minorities) I tried to go and tell the police But even the authorities Are minorities (are minorities) At my water park...

  miniselman  |  0

she probably has told her daughter not to do that...but she's THREE! Three year old children love testing what they're parents tell them, or forget that mommy and daddy told them not to do it.

  Stevefett  |  0

I think it's funny that you guys all have pics and I can't figure it out but you guys seem to have just discovered the little emojii or whatever. I been using them for a while now. Just sayin'.


tokio you look like a retard. Put your mom's make up kit back and start looking like a man. 2 years from now, you will look back at that pic and realize how faggy you looked.

  JGood09  |  0

I wasn't talkin' about you cupcakes, that was directed towards tokio. I was just sayin' that everyone bashes her for how she looks including me, if she just got a new picture it might not happen

  degrassilovur  |  0

why the he'll does everyone always pick on tokioo...?!?!? I've gone on 7 FMLs and each tokioo has commented on has people bashing her...!!!! why can't you people just leave her alone...!!! sure I don't like some people on this site but you don't see me bashin on them every time i see them commenting on something...!!!!

  Sappheyes  |  0

In the words of the immoral George Carlin:

If I drop food on the floor I pick it up and eat it! Even if I'm at sidewalk cafe! IN CALCUTTA! THE POOR SECTION! ON NEW YEARS MORNING! DURING A SOCCER RIOT!

Your immune system needs practice! She'll be fine.

  monkeygirl92  |  0

Exactly, and why is OP at a waterpark with her 3 year old? If she can't even watch her to make sure she doesn't eat anything, how will she watch her while she's in the water?

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

That has never happened to my kids. I tend to be pretty observant but we've had some very close calls of a similar nature. Toddlers are quick! And they test boundaries.