By sarahfromthesouth - 08/06/2010 16:07 - United States

Today, while in line at the waterpark, I looked down to find my 3 year old daughter chewing on a used band-aid. FML
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I like how kids are picky about what vegetables they'll eat, but they'll eat things like used band-aids and bugs.

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She is THREE. Your job as her parent is to PAY ATTENTION to her and ensure things like this don't happen.


I got first. does that make me cool, strong and good with the ladies like everyone else who gets first thinks it does?

haha they were hungry

wait why did my second comment get modded? I was satiring the people who always post first... please explain

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OP you have a vampire for a daughter. I like that smiley  and this one  maybe this one too

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thanks coolio. I love your picture

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oh wow... ur fckn Gorgeous.!

Uhoh. If cupcakes right on this, hide the tampons

wasn't there an fml a while ago where some chick caught her boyfriend licking her used tampon?

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ydi for not teaching your daughter any better

#44 ... that is just disgusting...

it was mine, congrats on the aids!

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cookie you have aids

it must not taste that bad if she was chewing on it. op, maybe u should try chewing on one and if u like it u can start ur own companie that sells packs of used bandaids instead of gum and become a millionar with that great idea..

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that's pretty gross. I also have a three year old and she might pick it up to look at it but I doubt she would put it in her mouth. maybe have a talk with her. and I would like to add that it's nearly impossible to watch her every second exspecially if you have more than one kid like me. I have three children. ages 6, 3, and 8mo. shame on all you people for saying bad parent.

ydi for not watching ur child

14: Email the staff or check your PMs. They rarely answer via comments.

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14 email them. they answer faster lol

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she probably has told her daughter not to do that...but she's THREE! Three year old children love testing what they're parents tell them, or forget that mommy and daddy told them not to do it.

god cupcake do you have to dig every post for complements? it gets old.

I think it's funny that you guys all have pics and I can't figure it out but you guys seem to have just discovered the little emojii or whatever. I been using them for a while now. Just sayin'.

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don't have sex, don't get preggo, dnt have that problem. there's my solution :)

raymel 5


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44- yes. OP- what the hell. ew. that's nasty. that's not as bad as the tampon one tho.

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this is not an fml

So, take it out and tell her thats icky and not to do that anymore. Kids dont know anything until you teach them.

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lmaoo!hide the tampons hahah

Tokio, you are beautiful.

119- awe thank you. :) you made my day better! :D

Glad to be of service! :)

tokio you look like a retard. Put your mom's make up kit back and start looking like a man. 2 years from now, you will look back at that pic and realize how faggy you looked.

123, that is cruel. I assume you had that happen to you and are taking it out here.

Also, she is clearly female.

123: JERK Why do people insult people based on apperances?? Base your insults on actions and words!

haha everyone hates her so much, but its 2010 you cant look like that and be normal

127, you'd be surprised.

well aren't you a faggy dork

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Word. That is so gross.

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86- I don't dig. i don't have a shovel. 127- who is she? me or my wifey?

129, who is that directed at?

I wasn't talkin' about you cupcakes, that was directed towards tokio. I was just sayin' that everyone bashes her for how she looks including me, if she just got a new picture it might not happen

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does anyone know how to put a profile pic on from itouch? 

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136-She is my wifey and she shouldn't change her picture for anyone expect me 137- you have to go on the computer.

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it wuz a 3yr old daughterr

Btw you're lucky for that was not a used condom. 

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why the he'll does everyone always pick on tokioo...?!?!? I've gone on 7 FMLs and each tokioo has commented on has people bashing her...!!!! why can't you people just leave her alone...!!! sure I don't like some people on this site but you don't see me bashin on them every time i see them commenting on something...!!!!

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6 there is only one

tokio grow and be a man again not some emo weird Girly looking fagg

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158 tokio is a girl. leave her alone tokio is cool.

i onced saw a used tampon on the pole at deltaco after i bought 12 tacos that shit was nasty

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thanks 141

@#44 Just hearing that made me sick to my stomach D:

yes I have it in my favorite lol

shouldn't you prevent being a good parent and watch her??!

125- "clearly"? I clearly thought that was a man, also. no way is that a girl, I don't believe it.

151- that's sort of hippocratical considering you're bashing on the bashers right now... just sayin.

ur daughter problly has aids

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gross much

Hopefully the original owner of the band-aid didn't have aids or any other disease for that matter!

In the words of the immoral George Carlin: If I drop food on the floor I pick it up and eat it! Even if I'm at sidewalk cafe! IN CALCUTTA! THE POOR SECTION! ON NEW YEARS MORNING! DURING A SOCCER RIOT! Your immune system needs practice! She'll be fine.

awww you should really teach your kid proper hygiene

she's 3.. she won't really understand

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Maybe she's just trying to get some extra fiber?

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Eww is all I got to say. Poor thing doesn't know better.

yea, watch her more carefully?

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Exactly, and why is OP at a waterpark with her 3 year old? If she can't even watch her to make sure she doesn't eat anything, how will she watch her while she's in the water?

Momma wasn’t watching . #BadParenting

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She is THREE. Your job as her parent is to PAY ATTENTION to her and ensure things like this don't happen.

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I'm wondering how OP didn't even notice her daughter bend down to pick it up :/

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11- exactly, that's just messed up that op wasn't paying attention 20- I know u probably pay way more attention 2 ur child, ur a good mother, probably

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thanks awesomechick :) I try. I mean, I understand stuff happens, but not chewing on a used bandaid kind of stuff :(

That has never happened to my kids. I tend to be pretty observant but we've had some very close calls of a similar nature. Toddlers are quick! And they test boundaries.

I like how kids are picky about what vegetables they'll eat, but they'll eat things like used band-aids and bugs.

13- lol that's true cutie.

13 u are very pretty :)

Haha very true. "Ugh, broccoli, not eating that! ... ooh used band-aid!"

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She's protecting her mouth.

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This mental image is gross :/