By misc - 08/06/2011 17:52 - Netherlands

Today, while in Holland, I lost the bag with my passport, debit and credit cards, license, and camera. I froze my accounts and filled out the paperwork for a new passport. My bag was found the second time I went to the police, with everything in it. Now my accounts are frozen for the 3 weeks I'm here. FML
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sensoon15 7

at least your bag is found

26 - and we care because?


sensoon15 7

at least your bag is found

i just moved from va like last year. lol now im in florida.

26 - and we care because?

lmao hatesfate!!!! hahaha good point

read her description. nub

CaptinObvious467_fml 2

Your moms a nub.

swimchica22 0


CaptinObvious467_fml 2

Your moms a fail.

swimchica22 0

^^yet another fail...

whippymcdumb4zs 0

that's what she said.

63, I dont get it...

If God was a painter, would I be God's masterpiece?

YDI for freezing everything before you checked. and I'm sure if you called and tole them the situation they will unfreeze your account.

icecreamdriveby 5

That happened to me as well, I went to Germany last year and accidentally left my wallet in a taxi, so I had to walk all the way back to the taxi depo and they couldn't find it so I cancelled my travel debit card and asked them so send a new one to Amsterdam, and the next day, the taxi man found it and returned it to me, but it was too late :(

imacreeper 3

69 - nah, cause you're a tool...a shovel..

69 I don't want to be preached to, thank you very much.

imacreeper 3

94, if God was the boiler would you be the deep fry?

82- tl; dr too long didnt read

better safe than sorry though

Idonebeenhad 17

evilpotato's comments always get downranked by so much

atomicbaboon 0

nah. possibly a rough draft or sketch though.

did 48 call me a nub? wft is a nub?

hahafylop 4

107: I think I am the only one that realized you referenced a somewhat recent fml. Very clever. Too bad nobody else understood.

131- I've been told a nub is a noob who denies that they're a noob. I'd Google it if I were you...

Kay then...I'm a noob? that's nice... u know what noob means where I come from? a prostitute that ***** not only people who pay her, but also her dad and brothers if any. maybe u should look up noob

Where I come from, a noob is slang for newbie. Also, it sounded like you thought I was insulting you. I meant no disrespect.

lmao I wasn't really mad at u, don't worry

I did haha that fail bf

yah anyways I luv my pic...I'm random but I luv my pic!!!!

134 Too bad you didn't realise that he was not referencing another fml, he was using common abbreviations

jellitonoctopus 19

119: he was referencing a previous FML.

BabbiiLovvee 0

67 she said yet another fail. duh

BabbiiLovvee 0

119 I got the previous fml reference. and I thought it was funny.

PurpleRae420 0

Next time wait just in case they find your bag YDI for losing it and getting THAT paranoid SMH

hahafylop 4

165- Know what you are talking about before you say crap like that. It was a very obvious reference of the "long and heartfelt message" that was sent to the boyfriend of the op, whose response was "tl; dr."

turtle_brigade 0

to those of you saying op deserved it, if she hadn't froze her accounts after not being able to find her shit, and then lost all her money, you would still be saying she deserved it for not" being more careful". dickwads.

sensoon15 7

26- it sucks doesn't it.

mismonroe 0

You and jobless below should start an escort service.

you should start with the plastic surgery, cause you sure aren't getting any prettier.

mismonroe 0

Aww, honey, that cut down to the bone, though I know I'm more attractive than you.

i like your description. i would if i could.

Doomire 0

Today, I tried anal with my girlfriend for the first time, as I had my penis at her entrance, she saw a spider on the bed and this caused her to push back really hard. She is now in agonizing pain and I have a bruised penis. FML

Don't lose your mind..

sucks OP next time check

zeffra13 31

Check what? It was lost and not yet turned in when she went to the police. Since it took a while to be turned in, someone could have copied her card numbers and returned it in case she hadn't cancelled them yet. So she was right to cancel them.

PSQ91 6

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"everyones doing it" bullcrap

well, it's legal there (:

KiddNYC1O 20

Ah, Amsterdam memories. I haven't been there since '09. Try super skunk for sure.

I love being dutch :)

by one do u mean drugs? drugs are awful btW

KiddNYC1O 20

^Along with tobacco and alcohol. That said, some drugs are beneficial.

oh yeah don't do drugs they're totally bad oh man drugs bad bad bad bad

^^spoken like a true scholar...

agaba 0


dbt88 15

and get the money for it where?

You are only allowd to have for yaself and not more than 1 plant and 10 grams of weed. Most other drugs are illegal. And not all dutch peoples will get drugs. Less than 1% actually uses drugs.

How retarded are you?

Gamble your change..

atleast it's good that you found the bag :) see it positive!

Better safe than sorry. You didn't know, they could have just as easily been taken.

uh... i guess this counts as sorry

We Dutch are nice people!

Frozen? Is it really that cold in Holland?

are u joking? or r u just stupid????

mismonroe 0

If it's a joke, it's corny, but I laughed.

Waa waa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

116- I like your picture, it made me lqtms (Laugh quietly to myself).

OfficialxAmber 0

34 - That's what I was thinking when I saw the way you type. Call me a "grammar nazi" if you want, I just think it's lazy and pathetic.

136-r u implying that I'm the stupid one? haha! ur the stupid one! and just to piss u off ima gonna keep typin like dis

136- r u implying that I'm the stupid one? haha! u r the stupid one! and just to piss u off, ima gonna keep typin lik dis

lazy ppl unite. . . l8r

hahaha very funny (sarcasim) thats really stupi

qwacktastick 8

136 - Thank you!

FirstBornUnicorn 0

Terrible joke is terrible.

I took it, come get bitch.

laxman54 0

o i will do much more than that

No... Baby sleep now...

laxman54 0

shut it you stupid maid!

hidingmaster 2

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shadow33456 1


atomicbaboon 0

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