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Today, while in Holland, I lost the bag with my passport, debit and credit cards, license, and camera. I froze my accounts and filled out the paperwork for a new passport. My bag was found the second time I went to the police, with everything in it. Now my accounts are frozen for the 3 weeks I'm here. FML
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That happened to me as well, I went to Germany last year and accidentally left my wallet in a taxi, so I had to walk all the way back to the taxi depo and they couldn't find it so I cancelled my travel debit card and asked them so send a new one to Amsterdam, and the next day, the taxi man found it and returned it to me, but it was too late :(

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165- Know what you are talking about before you say crap like that. It was a very obvious reference of the "long and heartfelt message" that was sent to the boyfriend of the op, whose response was "tl; dr."


to those of you saying op deserved it, if she hadn't froze her accounts after not being able to find her shit, and then lost all her money, you would still be saying she deserved it for not" being more careful".

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Check what? It was lost and not yet turned in when she went to the police. Since it took a while to be turned in, someone could have copied her card numbers and returned it in case she hadn't cancelled them yet. So she was right to cancel them.

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