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  tweetbaby14  |  17

it's what 2 year olds do. it's better to be paid to be hit in the head by one and deal with them for a few hours than to have to be home with them all the time doing it for free.

  Anaxes  |  5

"I told a two year old not to hit."

Do you mean not to Hit you? Hit on you? Hit your dog? Hit on your dog? Hit on your car?

You didn't clarify, so you deserve it entirely.

  Rainbow35  |  6

18- OP probably meant not to hit them or other kids, but if you said to a child, "Don't hit (insert name of kid)", then they might take it literally and assume that that means it's okay to hit someone else.

  deviking  |  10

You guys are kidding right woman and men have just as much reason to cook not just woman now go back to the 1900s with your sexism and keep it out of the 21st century

  ohsuzykuew  |  0

heck ya! I would have said "Today, I work in a day care center. FML" I hate kids! Parents no longer raise them. They just let them do whatever they want.

  Graawr  |  7

Not really 20, I have 1 year old twin brothers and they pretty much bite me everyday, throw things at me and pull my hair. But I never think that my life is fucked because they're just kids and you should expect that they would do that. :]
22, Well if you hate kids why would you work there? :O And not ALL parents make their kids do whatever they want.