By Broke - 28/05/2012 09:38 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, while I was waiting to pull out of a parking space, my boyfriend decided it would be funny to put the car into reverse instead of drive while I was waiting for traffic to clear. I don't think the people who own the car behind me were laughing. Nor is my now ex-boyfriend. FML
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Good thing you threw his ass to the curb, like any good fml should end.

Finnick_fml 12

at least you had the sense to dump his immature ass :)


Good thing you threw his ass to the curb, like any good fml should end.

He deserved to be thrown in a lava pit, not the curb. He coulda killed someone! :/

He's an idiot....but doesn't your foot need to be on the brake before you can change the shift especially if it is in park...or the clutch if it's manual

KingDingALing 9

"I was waiting for traffic to clear." Her foot was on the brake.

baddawg365 0

But shouldn't she have then tried to shift her gears from park to drive... Or was she in drive and he shifted it back up. In that case would she not have heard, or seen, the gear shift?

I do it to my friend all the time. I put it in neutral. Thing is, she must have stepped on it. No reason to do so. Letting go of the brake moves the car slowly and you'd feel it going back. She had to have stepped on it. And the people in back were honking, i bet, and she thought it meant go. Still, what a douche of a boyfriend for putting it in reverse.

This would be impossible in a manual transmission. And you must be an idiot, because I have a friend who does this to me and nothing bad ever happens. It's funny everytime.

Megan98 18

Maybe he dumped her, because he didn't want to help pay for expenses due to the car?

59-she was waiting for traffic to clear. When she saw a break in traffic I'm sure she stepped on it to get in otherwise she'd be waiting all day

ThisIsMyReign 4

59, 125 - You guys are the reason I have to drive extra careful on the road. I think the IQ test needs to be part of the process in getting a license.

Daftendirekt1 0

She might have still been in drive with her foot on the brake... He switched while she was looking away and when she saw a break in traffic, floored it and rammed the car behind her. Ok maybe she didn't floor it but you know what I mean.

Finally an FML where I don't have to endure 10x 'dump him'

op dump his ass!!

Devoo 7

We all know Men have one.

Yep she is. A big one

sheepdog_18 0

I know. What an asshole, backing into a spot. I hate when douchebags do that. YDI.

Hope you aren't injured! That wasn't really funny of your now ex. :P

Yeah cuz you know, your gonna get injured from a little fender bender......

Actually, 11, you very well could be injured from a "fender bender"...

Someone tapped me and set my airbag off last year. I could have easily broken my nose if I hadn't put my hand up.

Blacksabbath211 9

Woulda been better if he had tossed it in neutral:)

I got read-ended pretty hard once.. That didn't hurt me at all... And I do demolition derbies and I have yet to get hurt.... Sooo yeah I'm pretty sure you wouldn't get injured. @41 your air bags are obviously defective. Mine didn't go off when I got rear ended.

The dumb asses that don't wear a seatbelt deserve to eat a steering wheel.....

Her airbags are defective? Yours didn't go off when you car got hit 'pretty hard'. Call me crazy, but aren't they supposed to go off in a situation like that?

#82 says he got rear-ended pretty hard once and it didn't hurt him at all--he must've just had a fresh lube job. Based on his comments, #82 seems like he's probably been rear-ended many times...over and over again.

A little fender bender laid me up for a few days with muscle issues. I do have a pain disorder that I'm sure made it worse, but it did throw my back out. If you take a jolt just right, you can get injured.

Getting rear ended by another guy while standing in a line doesn't count!

Finnick_fml 12

at least you had the sense to dump his immature ass :)

MissNicky_fml 0

Finnick :)

siickman 7

I would have made him pay all the damages and blah blah and stuff but not dump him... Well then it comes down to if this is the first incident...if it is then i dont think you cared about each other if you broke up over an argument .. If this is the 2nd immature thing he has done then i applaud you for dumping him :)

Somebody doesn't arbitrarily do something that immature, dangerous, and stupid out of nowhere. Why the heck would she want to stick around until he inevitably does something equally dumb?

34- His "first" incident could have been both OP and her boyfriends life.

siickman 7

They wer in a lot... No one is gonna die... Just damages..jesus you guys act like it was gun point or something

136, If someone is so careless that they are happy to cause expensive damage to not only their girlfriends property but also the property of strangers over a bit of a joke then that person is stupid. There really is no two ways around that. Normal people generally don't want to be dating stupid people, so dumping him makes perfect sense. He seems to be missing a little frontal lobe development. Considering he was capable of this without a second thought, who is to say he isn't capable of worse?

136 - You're right, it wasn't was worse. Stupid drivers kill way more people than guns. The OP's bf would've hardly been more dangerous even if he was waving a gun around. A fatal accident can happen to anybody, even you. Don't fuck with moving vehicles!

"R" is actually the racing gear. He just thought he'd speed things up a little, that's all :)

No. R is for Radio. He was trying to turn the radio on.

R is recline...he Just wanted to lay back and Relax

zakkyzebra 11

R is for rectum... He was just implying he wanted to try something new

You're all wrong. R is for remember. He was just trying to reminisce all the great times they had.

Is it time for a combo breaker?

C is for cookie, and that's ok with me!

Q is for quintessential, and thats the quintessential soon-to-be ex-boyfriend prank.

Don't listen to any of them. R is for retard. He is a Retard for putting it in reverse... He is also a D. That stands for Dick....

F is for friends who do stuff together

What an immature thing to do. I'm glad you dumped him.

All that for a joke? Well at least he's your ex now. glad you mentioned he's your ex now though, a lot of FMLs fail to tell us that

I meant I'm glad, not in sorry

Don't you hate that? We want the full story!

You can always claim they rear-ended you. Just hold your neck, claim you have whiplash, and sue! Oh wait, you mean you're not American? Never mind then.

ant1ion 12

What is your pic docbastard?


It looks like a hip replacement gone bad.

It's a chronically-dislocated prosthetic hip.

It looked like part of an ear phone to me with the bud. Obviously not...

You would, no matter what the front of their car is in your cars rear bumper. They "rear ended you".

Drew167 8

That's fucking immature.

Like you posting a picture of yourself pointing at your almost-visible dick? Yeah, I'd say that's pretty immature.

if that is really you. you're fucking hott.

Dang I got moderated. hmm let's rephrase this so the douches don't moderate it again: you have a hecca nice body!

73 - Don't feed the trolls. not wow to the pic being "hot" but wow that people think this is a cool thing to do..

76 - Scrawny, shirtless manorexics showing themselves off don't turn your crank, huh? lol