By Boar - United States - Albuquerque
Today, while I was waiting at a red light, another car slammed into me. By the time I got out to assess the damage, the other car was empty and there was nobody in sight. Either Moby Dickwad was abducted by aliens mid-crash, or he was behind on his insurance payments. FML
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I hope he got probed.

Seriously OP, I'm glad you weren't hurt. Hopefully the cops can track down Moby Dickwad. Dunno what things are like in NM but around Boston, the cops take a pretty dim view of hit-n-run even if it's only property damage.

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Ya and I mean who leaves their car if they are doing a hit and run. If you got the license plate number then the cops should be able to track him down no problem.


106 - This is not a frivolous case, but a legitimate crime. Crime-suh, actually. Fleeing scene of an accident, likely auto theft, evading police…

Don't cave in to the sue-happy Americans stereotype so soon.