By MAWZ - United States
Today, while I was showering, my brother thought it would be funny to burst through the door pretending he was a burglar. Panicked, I went to grab the soap bar as a weapon, slipped, fell and hit my head on the faucet. FML
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  bobbymullet  |  11

in our house, my sister and I aren't even allowed to have the bathroom door closed when were showering because it 'gets to foggy and hot in there' according to our parents. so I understand why the door wasn't locked and how easy it was for her brother to scare her/:

  cimh  |  9

If it gets too foggy and hot in there???? Is there a window which you can have open a little bit? That would help, too! Sorry- but while I take a shower I'd like to have some privacy!

  skizzlerz  |  0

this was my thought exactly lmao XD the bar that holds up my shower curtain is broken, so if anybody ever tries to break in when I'm in there I always just plan on pulling it down and using that as MY weapon XD oh the things some of us think of lmao


put the soap in a sock and you have a viable sock-soap mace

@OP revenge is needed here, next time he takes a shower do the exact same thing as him take a picture and post it on facebook

  goshpeople  |  4

Zero points for the OP... or perhaps they win for having the most errors I've ever seen in a single FML.

1. Double use of the word "thought".
2. "While showering, my brother..." -- The brother wasn't taking a shower; the OP was.
3. It should say "a burglar".

Pay attention, mods?