By MAWZ - 19/07/2011 06:33 - United States

Today, while I was showering, my brother thought it would be funny to burst through the door pretending he was a burglar. Panicked, I went to grab the soap bar as a weapon, slipped, fell and hit my head on the faucet. FML
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Soap bar. Weapon? rofl

grabbing a soap bar as a weapon.. classic!


Soap bar. Weapon? rofl

jonathanhand 0

did you drop the soap?

Uraharas_Bankai 1

What OP could've done is to take the shower head (if able) and put it on the hottest and spray it at her brother. What bothers me is that the brother did this to his sister....

soap in the eyes! but the question is, does your brother always burst in the bathroom while your showering? and why wasn't the door locked?

if it was moulded into a toy by your sis i can see it being a weapon of some sort. If not, mehhh...

I think pulling back the shower curtain would have been more painful than a bar of soap. but he got you good

bobbymullet 11

in our house, my sister and I aren't even allowed to have the bathroom door closed when were showering because it 'gets to foggy and hot in there' according to our parents. so I understand why the door wasn't locked and how easy it was for her brother to scare her/:

MizzErikaHart 8

soap on a rope would've been a decent weapon..

Plus;; not everyones bathroom has a lock.

cimh 9

If it gets too foggy and hot in there???? Is there a window which you can have open a little bit? That would help, too! Sorry- but while I take a shower I'd like to have some privacy!

I think it would have been interesting to watch this

indoor locking handle costs 20 bucks, get one. if your bathroom fogs up, install a exhaust fan, you get mold in areas if you don't....

Doesn't it bother him to see his sister naked? Yet another post summited from Kentucky.

skizzlerz 0

this was my thought exactly lmao XD the bar that holds up my shower curtain is broken, so if anybody ever tries to break in when I'm in there I always just plan on pulling it down and using that as MY weapon XD oh the things some of us think of lmao

anyone notice that it says thought thought?

blanquito 1

55- I was thinking that too but probably because of a different reason than you.

TheRealHouse 7

Did he give you mouth to mouth?

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okay thats just weird

lbumbblebee 5

Haha, at a time of crisis like in Ops situation.. I probably would've went for the soap bar too xD

soooo ur mad now?

your brother was right thats hilarious

your brother was right thats hilarious

sometimes things slip up like that... :)

thats why i shower with a taser

I know, right? If there's a burglar in your house, there's a good chance he has a gun. But it's okay, you can throw some soap at him.

put the soap in a sock and you have a viable sock-soap mace @OP revenge is needed here, next time he takes a shower do the exact same thing as him take a picture and post it on facebook

if you squeeze it hard enough it will go flying out of your hand pretty fast, although I doubt that was what the OP was thinking when she grabbed it

SOD_sonofdixie 5

she dropped the soap therefore she's free game ;)

it never said OP is a girl? I can see a brother doing that to a brother.

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167 top symbol means female

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grabbing a soap bar as a weapon.. classic!

what was there to rob in the bathroom?

lol , should've used a razor ... could've been a way better weapon :)

True that 83 haha

DKjazz 20

If it was soap on a rope, she could have swung it around like nunchucks, or strangled him.

morganrules123 10

She could've grabbed a bottle of shampoo and squirted it in his eyes

A razor? What're you gonna do? Shave your way out? Burglar: "OMG! You've given me such a good shave! I think I'll let you go!"

You could cut them up if you do it properly.

theedickey 0

the fuck is a soap bar gonna do?

theedickey 0

if he was gonna strangle him, the soap would be kinda useless, wouldn't it ?

How the hell does one use a soap bar as a weapon?

Glitterhinoceros 14

You throw it at their eyes so they can't see, then slip and or slide your way to safety

she could always create soap nunchucks like Big Stan did

enonymous 8

They could also be a hippy who hasn't showered since Fords inauguration

well, if you were Chuck Norris...

Soap only kills 99.5% of germs. Chuck Norris kills 100% of whatever the hell he wants :D

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Well it sure worked as a weapon against OP...

Zambaku 9

Well when someone thinks a guy is breaking in, possibly with a gun or a knife, you don't have much time to think :o

soap on a rope

you hide a gun inside your soap

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Soap in a sock, ultimate prison weapon.

your brother -1 you - 0

Is it only me who would have been pissed off? Seriously, you are naked, a girl and his sister!!!

I agree! I would not burst in to see my brother naked, why would he do that?

He was probably counting on the curtain being closed. OP doesn't mention his age either; could be her much younger brother.

new age voyeurs with brand new excuses!

Zero points for the OP... or perhaps they win for having the most errors I've ever seen in a single FML. 1. Double use of the word "thought". 2. "While showering, my brother..." -- The brother wasn't taking a shower; the OP was. 3. It should say "a burglar". Pay attention, mods?

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he wasn't bursting in to the bathroom specifically to see her naked I'm pretty sure...he simply wanted to scare the sh*t out of her! I think this is funny

should have grabbed something more deadly... like a luffa.

or maybe like a fist.

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StudMuffinette 17

floating duck in a sower?

she meant floating dick :|. :p

enonymous 8

Mr Bubbles. get that shit in your eye and you're down and out for a long time

19- thanks for the spell check.

Why is everybody thumbsdoening me. you mutts fuckers

have to agree with loofa on this one

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oh me, oh my you are certainly talented.;)

nixter5 18

once again, I will say, your hair is AMAZING.

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Aww thanks x3 I love it too :)

ouch! you should lock your door more often.

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Not every bathroom door has a lock on it.

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were you going to clean him into submission?

I think we can all agree that he just wanted to see you naked..