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  Today, while I was making out with my boyfriend, he left my dorm suddenly without telling me where he was going. A few hours later, he texted me to tell me that being with me made him feel dirty and he had gone to confession. He then called me a sinner. FML
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By  GameRater01  |  0

this is why you don't date dedicated religious people, they freak over the smallest things and make the relationship more difficult. I had a gf that dumped me because her friends and family didn't think I went to church enough.

By  greenman_fml  |  0

you are a common prostitute, smeared with the paint of seduction, flaunting your wiles for Satan. you should go to confession as well; hetero-pleasure should only be reserved for the married couple trying to procreate

By  GameRater01  |  0

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By  epitome  |  0

You're not the only one, but that still sucks. My super religious boyfriend says how badly he wants to do those sort of things, and we get to that point. He stops. Then blames me for them. Haha. Ohwell.

  BrEnNo1023  |  5

THAT is a brilliant quote.

I feel so happy after reading that. This God obsession with no sex before marriage needs to DIE. why worship some ancient people's storybook, which the popes of the Dark Ages used to gain power and control over the common people? Since it's only a plagiarised version of Egyptian sun worship, i'm amazed that it's still so prevalent to this day. Religion causes more hate and more wars than any other difference in humanity. Religion is used to stifle diversity and to suffocate freedom of speech and freedom of choice. Religion is what forces us to focus on nothing but the differences that separate us, instead of the similarities that should bind us as a species. People of different colour, homosexuals, even WOMEN, are all victims of the people who use religion to gain control over societies for their own personal gain. What place does religion have in society today? Women have RIGHTS now, and we DON'T stone them to death for being raped, or having sex out of marriage.

People like #3 need to get their heads out of the Dark ages. People don't need to be controlled and manipulated by religious...profiteers and warmongerers.


As someone who grew up in a Roman Catholic family, and went to a catholic school I still have to thumbs up. Whether or not as supernatural entity that watches us exist or not, 109 has very valid points