By brittaneejanex - 02/06/2011 16:06 - United States

Today, while I was in the shower, my curious cat jumped in. She decided she really doesn't like showers and to avoid getting wet, used my naked body as a makeshift tree. FML
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You gotta be kitten me!

Snowstar 0

We need a sarcasm font...


That's gottaaaa hurt.

lock the door maybe or atleast close time

Wow, #1. What a great and insightful comment. Thank you.

I agree, Epilepsy. You opened my eyes, man.

sxe_beast 11

@16 - I have an en-suite restroom and I often shower/get ready with it open, lol.

well when old mcdonald showers, he has horses instead if cats climb up him...

I'm glad I don't have a cat. I would have started beating my cat if it did that. Seriously.

I wish I could use OP as a makeshift tree. :(

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I bet he made your tree shift ;p 

I see you got some pussy in the shower

xoxbandgeekxox13 3

83 : clever. really just witty -.-

Good news is that op has a pussy all over him, unless it's a her, then that would suck

See if it lands on it's feet from a 3rd story window.

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in us, curious cat kills you!!

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YDI for having a tree-like body. JK for the people who thought I was serious...

That's why I always put "sarcasm" in parenthesis when I'm using it on this app.

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We need a sarcasm font...

what does ydi mean

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YDI- You Derping Idiot. :) Glad we have that cleared up.

29 it means yiddish dwarves investigation. you say it when a post seems like it's possibly the posters fault, so the fml police send in dwarves hat speak yiddish to investigate and see if the posters life really is fucked, or if he or she is just a whiny bitch.

cradle6 13

Your dampen igloos

wellllllll it's one of the voting buttons with the totally taken out

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

yellow dirty iguanas :)

it stands for Yams Drink Iodine

don't listen to them it means your dick itches

No everybody is wrong it's Yodeling Diploma Isotopes

smartalek 2

omg #5 I was like: three girls in the pic they're prolly pretty and then two are fat!!!!! :D lol

KatrinaKitten 16

47, You shouldn't be talking. Why are you using Katie Babyfayce's picture, pretending it's you. Don't be a fake.

^ no problem, my pic is fake to, but that's because all my rugby pics were wiped when I spilled water on my laptop :P

bingababe 16

47 - Your a real bitch! What was that point of even posting that? Did it make you feel better about yourself?! I pity you.

StormGirl142 24

"Prolly," number 47? Really? You're a bitch and an idiot. I'm sure your parents are so proud.

I think you are beautiful!!

I think #47 is beautiful!

well so is #49 at that. beautiful, everyone needs to be sweet

I'm sorry but I had to get involved a) #47 STFU if you can't say anything positive. b) #5 don't listen to the spray-canned blonde you are beautiful. c) #49 your pretty as well. REPLIES END HERE! at least about what #5 looks like. Thank you, good day I SAID GOOD DAY!!

72 just so you know... 47 isn't the poster... it's someone else that I can't remember at the moment but I've seen her before... that's my biggest issue with her comment

84.. it's Katie babyfayce. it makes me mad, that's an over used fake anyway -.-

wow talk about rude... they are my friends so be quiet thanks :)

how bad this is depends if your male of female

Their username is a girl's name. I feel like this would hurt equally bad no matter what gender they are, though.

FreebirdIII 1

I don't want a cat to climb my root. That would hurt

jfreekingly 3

I wouldn't want the cat to claw me outside the shower, let alone during it.

Maybe if your a 70 year old man...

That would be rather painful...

Think about how the cat felt. lol. It was curious about what was in that tub, and jumped in thinking it would find something new and exciting. instead, it gets soaked and has to escape by means of a slimy, writhing mass of human flesh. *sigh* C'est la vie, cat.

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yummm.. well maybe she was just curious.

Well at least you aren't fat enough to be used as a tent. Although, that might have hurt less.

You gotta be kitten me!

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wow, OP, that sounds like a cat-astrophe! D:

That was funny 13 :)

13, that was so bad. except I thumbed up :) so I guess it was so bad it was good !

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