By why do eggs explode / Monday 12 October 2015 21:35 / Canada - Calgary
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  higgysaurus  |  18

That would be a smart bet, seeing as its OPs name. And he is 4, is it really necessary to call him an egghead? Seeing as a lot of young children have the same level of curiosity.

By  Quiggles789  |  16

So who was watching him that could have prevented this? I'd like to know if he was alone while you were in the shower. Who knows what he could get into during that time.

  Angelrose2004  |  17

You don't have kids, do you? Try watching your dog or cat every second of the day and let me know how that works out for you. 15 seconds is all a child needs to get into something.

  higgysaurus  |  18

#22 the comparison was made of cats and dogs as a whole and younger children as a whole, not the specfic microwave incident. And its a good comparison, both have a knack for getting into things they shouldn't, and for that reason both require a good amount of attentiveness.


@7, What if she is a single mom? What if he was in front of the TV or something and she hoped to slip away for just a moment to have a shower?
Don't be so quick to hand out criticism, not everybody wants to hear your advice. Laugh at the kid maybe, leave your vote and move on.

  Quiggles789  |  16

I do have kids actually. I am a single parent.

To those of you who pointed out the single parent idea, I totally get there may not have been someone else to watch him. The fact he could have gotten hurt was more of the point I was getting at. I'm not bashing the OP in the least. Sorry if it came across that way!

  sturschaedel  |  27

Especially IF you are a parent though you should know that you usually CAN trust a four year old not to hurt himself if you let him out of your sight in your own home for five minutes, especially if he was asleep or engrossed in playing or a video when the mom hopped in the shower. Yeah, there might be stuff he can get into and you might have a mess to clean up afterwards, but by the time your kid is four you have all the dangerous stuff like the knive drawer, glassware, windows, doors and stairs childproofed anyways.

  LosinIt2008  |  14

you don't have children I'm guessing? it's really hard being a parent and being able to shower shit or even shave lol if a parent always has to be there when are we allowed to pee alone?! signed a very frustrated parent!

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