By wimp - United States
Today, while I was in the doctors they told me that me and my son needed a shot, I went first to show my son that it wouldnt hurt and shots were not something to be afraid of. When they gave me my shot I started crying. My four year old son handles pain better than his 29 year old mom. FML
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Bullshit. This is so fake, seen it already. FML is losing its entertainment value cause they re-use the same stories over and over again. Get some originality, writers, and get some brains, moderators.


I'm Japanese, and Japanese is my first language, so please disregard this message if I am wrong. However, my father was once an English teacher for Japanese people (he was born and raised in the United States, 35 years).
I don't know if you are speaking of "my son and I" when you say "grammar mistake", but isn't it "my son and me"? I mean, "they" is the subject. So, would you say, "I was waiting for him to pick I up"? No... you would say "I was waiting for him to pick me up." In that sentence, "I" is the subject, so the others don't have to be "I".
I may be-and probably am wrong, but I just wanted to put that option out there.

By  SKYblue_fml  |  1

ehh, it'll grow back. Promise.

Besides, he'll forget about it eventually, so you can always pretend it never happened... though I'm sure that it would make a fabulous story at his wedding or something.

By  Muzik_freq  |  0

I hear ya, I hate needles too! They call me "the fainter" down at the clinic and they take me to a back room and lie me down whenever I have to have a blood test. I'm 18 years old and I still bawl my eyes out.

  hecuva  |  0

I used to be the same way... well didn't cry but would look away and wince for every shot or when my blood was being taken.

Great solution! do a cycle of steroids, there's 6 entry points and after taking shots in the shoulders, ass, and thighs and seeing them being given you will be able to overcome that fear pretty fast. When my boyfriend and i do our shots we actually joke around with them now and let the needle just sit there in our shoulder for a bit before taking it out, where as before i would freak out and close my eyes, any joking and i would get upset with him.

Face your fears, it's the best way to overcome them :)


I used to be afraid of needles. Now I don't care as much. I sometimes twitch when the needle goes in though cuz the thought of a foreign object in my body is weirddd...unless that foreign object is..

never mind.