By lils - 05/08/2012 17:45 - United States

Today, while I was getting intimate with my husband, he moaned someone else's name. He actually tried to explain himself by saying that he'd had a "divine encounter," and while "possessed by the Lord," he'd been told the name of our future daughter. FML
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StripedSwtor 7

he's screwed if you guys have a son

You'll feel real stupid when your future daughter has that name: P haha but seriously you have to give him credit for trying


You'll feel real stupid when your future daughter has that name: P haha but seriously you have to give him credit for trying

At least he's creative! That could be useful in many parts of OP's life ;)

What if they have a boy?

Daughter: "Mom, how did I get my name?" Mom.: " your father moaned it while making me orgasm during sex." Daughter: "F***!"

-16 Mother: "That's what he said!"

Obviously your husband is a prophet! Maybe he'll another "Book of Mormon."

iGrassYourSister 6

well so what if he imagined some other girl while having sex? Most of us play out fantasies in our heads, my girl fantasizes about gangbangs and stuff she would never do in real life and so do I and neither of this is bothering us

kittykat1501 31

Obviously he will just name her that to support his excuse

What a crock! Though sometimes people do fantasize about others during sex. I hope that's all it is

FYLinAmajorWay 1

I think I would rather explain why I moaned a different name while having sex rather than try and explain why I moaned my Daughters name during...even if it is a future daughter's name

'What a crock!' okay best insult ever no sarcasm.

StripedSwtor 7

he's screwed if you guys have a son

Or a Justin bieber, but those chances are quite rare.

foncused91 7

haha! I love that!

Here are signs that your child is a Justin Bieber: 1. It's an untalented mainstream pop singer when he grows up. 2. It has no gender. 3. It acts and dresses like a complete douchebag. 4. Nobody has any respect for it's singing abilities except for 12 year old girls and 60+ year old perverts. 5. It drops the soap on purpose in prison. Many believe it is male, but we will never know.

coughyochick 7

You forget "will make millions and have a chrome plated car with a black Lamborghini"

49 - Silly goose! You haven't been studying the "Signs that Your Child is a Mistake and Deserves to Get His Throat Ripped Out Because He's a Terrible Singer and Only has Money Because 12-Year-Old Girls and Perverts Actually Buy His Crappy Music" book!

40) 6. Likes to haunt the nightmares of innocent little chipmunks.

Inheritance 10

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twisted_cherub 14

81- Keanu Reeves, Jessica Alba, David Hasselhoff, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, everyone from Jersey Shore, all of the Kardashians. 'Nough said. Disclaimer: I didn't say they aren't famous for a reason (looks, stupidity, money), just that they aren't talented.

b0ngs 7

Listen, I personally don't like Justin Bieber, but the 'it/she' jokes are getting old. He used to sound like a girl but that was because he was young. I think it's time to find a different target for your bashings.

Keanu Reeves isn't THAT bad, is he?

Have you seen the video? Kim Kardashian is too talented.

50- seriously, you went way too far with that one... You should have stopped when your second comment failed

jellycorn 13

Well, something is up when he has his own brand of perfume. And lipgloss. And nail polish.

twisted_cherub 14

91- He's just not what I'd consider a talented actor. He's great in certain parts, but anything requiring a show of emotion is beyond him. He has an extremely limited range. It's nothing against him. Lots of actors are type-cast for that reason. They're only good in one kind of role.

saranottelling 7

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That's sick number 4.

Incest is never wincest. It is gross and wrong on SO many levels...

tne201992 12

Wow, that makes me sick to my stomach... -_-

Did you just say that

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I wouldn't be able to actually take this guy seriously. I'd be laughing too hard.

Hmm... Don't mean to be captain obvious here but its a sign he's being dishonest with you. :/

Michael_92 20

Not really. He could have just thought of another girl. Maybe they have been married a while and things are getting bored.

It's human to fantasize about other people even during sex. It doesn't mean he's cheating, if he was cheating ya probably wouldn't be having sex lol

Fantasising about someone else is just as bad as cheating. In his mind, he wants to cheat. How's that different from his body wanting to??

130 because he is not acting on his fantasies ... "If someone pissed you off so much that you hated and wanted them to die ( but you dont kill them) that makes you a killer" thats your logic

Like really?! Also to be really obvious, that was sarcasm!

Stupid people like you get buttf***ed over the internet then complain about it. YDI

Snackycake 20

In what way, shape, or form does op deserve this?

Of course! How dare she not control who he fantasizes about, be it a celebrity or anyone, shame on her!

If their relationship getting boring is the reason then she should show her body to him more often.or buy a stripper pole and put on a show

Great Christian values there.

pretty sure people don't come on here to show those


Who said op's husband was Christian? There are other religions out there you know

Well, considering he said the Lord was talking to him and he had a divine encounter, my guess is that he practices some sort of Christianity.

scarface90 8

We get it #9, you are an atheist who doesn't pass any chance to comment on ANYTHING related to religion to let us know you don't believe in god or religion...

Zoh_Aubrey 8

Is it weird that I believe in Dog, but don't give a fuck if other people don't?

Zoh_Aubrey 8

**God. Whoa.

It's ok 108 I believe in dog too:)

Zoh_Aubrey 8

141 - welcome to the faith my brother!

Well he's creative, I'll give him that.

Okay, so that means you are going to let him name your daughter after his girlfriend then?