By 16590 - 15/06/2012 22:13 - Sweden

Today, while I was driving home, some jackass in an open-top sports car overtook us and flipped me off. Just as I overtook him in turn, my wife rolled down her window, pulled out her tampon, and launched it at the kid. I'm not sure who was more horrified: me or him. FML
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Your wife is awesome.

Wow she's an enthusiastic one.


That's not really FML it's just funny as fuck!

Wow she's an enthusiastic one.

You married that, OP. she's a keeper...

i think what she did may have been extreme but her intention was to defend OP and teach that kid a lesson to not flip off anyone on the road.

Haha she sounds pretty ballsy. Id be proud if I were you OP

How is this an fml?! This is awesome!!

LMFAO, that's soo epic


lolol! I woulda pissed myself if I saw that! but that's disgusting! hahaha

Fuc* the guys life that overtook you. Damn

There have been a lot of tampon FMLs the past week haha

Wait, so did she put another tampon back in while ur driving? Just wondering...and the image of it in my head is...a little weird.

dump his as!!

dump his ass!

She must also use those missiles with confidence! Those terrorists are tricky. +1 internetz to whoever gets the reference.

His wife is my hero.

Jeff Dunham, controlled chaos

117 - that's because all girls on FML have their periods synchronized.

117 it's just that time of the month- for everyone

LMAO, an FML never cracked me up this hard. Your wife is epic Op

Op's wife is a freak. Who does that even if they were angry.

Are you telling me that she actually threw her used tampon, that she had pulled out while she was in the that kid. Wow. Kool.

189 Jeff Dunham, I got it.

You wife is awesome....she has win somewhere in her past.

Okay, I seriously wanna meet your wife. She sounds awesome

189 - to answer you for a point it is Jeff Dunham with achmid the dead terrorist. Can I has point now?

GUYS. I was moderating FML's a couple of hours ago, and there was a guy who posted about passing a slow couple and flipping them the bird when- WHOOOSH, a bloody tampon was thrown at him.

I thumbed that down because of you trying to be cool by spelling cool with a K

If that's the case, I hope the mods allow that one here too.

Why would they? It's obviously some random douche writing a fake story from the other point of view just for a laugh. :/

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It is pretty strait forward...


ItsTheMo, you are the greatest commenter on FML. Your comments are so witty and thoughtful. They are just a hoot to read. Like, gee whizz; I bet god took just a little more time on you to give you comedic skills like that.

Another person failing at trying to write the quickest and most thoughtless comment to get the #1 spot.

AWESOME!!! Apart from it being horrifically disgusting, that chick totally deserves a win!

3 could have at least used a question mark...

My thoughts exactly, #3.

I wasn't being "witty". That wa my first thought. Some people don't try to impress the entire world of FML for no reason constantly, for half a second of attention. ;)

Says the guy who used "ur"


Seems like a "not sure if gusta" win to me

Seems like a bloody good win.

I'm sure he will think of the flow of the results before flipping any one off again

264, your picture matches the FML perfectly.

Well that sure showed him...

...that his wife is a crazy mofo XD

I... Actually don't know how I should feel about that... I think I'll go with morbidly disgusted.

launch my tampon LIKE A BOSS!

Too bad only girls can do this.

Op should never piss his wife off; he'll get a tampon to the face.

You should not have sped up just to pass him. Sounds like you, him and your wife have road rage issues. All of you need to be off the road.

That sort of sanity is not usually appreciated but it's true. I've seen these sorts of one-up contests escalate to violence and collisions. OP, maybe the mental image of your wife's, er, enthusiastic support will remind you to just let it go next time. Let the little fucker feel special for a minute and just laugh at the little over-compensator.

The wife doesn't have road rage. Just pms. By the way this wasn't meant to offend anyone, I am personally a girl, and it happens

You didn't read the FML properly, apparently. Read again retard.

168- calm down. no need to call someone a "retard" for misreading something...

How did they not read it properly?

If you're wearing a tampon, it's a little late to be blaming PRE-menstrual syndrome. That said, if you're incapable of controlling your rage to the level where you're assaulting drivers once a month, either seek treatment or avoid the road.

170 - pms = PREmenstrual syndrom, if she's using a tampon her period has clearly already started. Logic can be useful, give it a try some time

To be fair, PMS can still hit during (and sometimes even after) you get your period. I usually get grumpy during my period, not before it. I guess it just depends on the person.

Could have just been overtaking in the normal course of the traffic flow, he doesn't have to have purposely sped up to overtake the guy. I end up passing and being passed by the same cars regularly while driving to work, its just how it goes.

She's a keeper! I hope you don't brush your teeth in the car ;)

There was a story a day or two ago about a guy whose girlfriend walked in on him while he was brushing his teeth and changed her tampon. I think it's been deleted.

66, it's a reference to a different FML.

66: It's a reference to a recent FML.

This is one of the best comments I have ever seen. And I don't know why.

Haha, yeah, it's not even that old either. It's still on the site, I just checked.

Is it because it's funny?

Your wife is awesome.

I hope my wife will be like his. I'm in awe.

Well with a profile pic like that good luck just getting a girlfriend.

123 - You are the Queen of Doucheland

118- 123 is stupid, the gears series is my favorite!

123- You have a picture of a dude. I may be coming of a little strong, but that seems kind of... gay, don't ya think..? :

She is a badass, OP better remember to not fuck with her.

I fully agree with his wife being awesome! this FML made me laugh.

I admire OP's wife. That really took balls

This is something I would love to do but never have the guts to do it :p