By Unlucky - 05/09/2017 16:00

Today, while crossing the street, I was honked at by a stopped car. I responded with the following: a finger and a "Fuck you!" It was my boss who just wanted to say hi. FML
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Now, he’ll say bye.

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Now, he’ll say bye.

Boss: just wanted to let you know your going to be working the graveyard shift forever!!! Isn't karma a bitch

Zachary8261 28


Op, don't you mean "former boss?"

Ok, people, would YOU have a positive reaction to getting honked at while crossing?

Maybe not positive, but flipping the bird wouldn't be my first response.

Positive? No. But I'd take a few seconds to try to see why I've been honked before reacting.

At least look at who's haunting before the finger pops out

Well, the boss could've either stuck their head out the window and said hi, seeing as they're waiting at a light, or just mention later that they'd seen OP at the light.

Ticonderogapencils 9

They never said that they were stopped at light. just that it was a stopped car. You're just a douche who reacts with hostility too quickly.

I'm worried about you, OP.

Wait till you're next at work. It'll be interesting to explain to your colleagues why boss is acting all weird with you.

Zgames 4

You completely deserved it. If you randomly get honked at by a stopped car it's probably someone you know trying to get your attention. Try thinking before you act next time.

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In my experience and that of a lot of women I know, it's usually some creepy catcalling stranger shouting lewd shit, actually.

So did you get fired for that ? Lol