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  pajamurao  |  0

How does OP deserve it? He never knew, the guy sounded like he was laughing. Yes OP did assume and that was wrong but I would get annoyed myself if someone was creating a scene of some sort while I was trying to do my work.

OP just apologize and send your condolences. He probably will be mad at you, just try and explain the situation, if he's still mad, give him some time to breathe.


26- Every time someone is laughing/crying quite loudly and annoyingly you look up? I know I don't I tell 'em to belt up without glancing. Some people just sound the same while laughing/crying.


45- sorry but if I'm at work and I heard one of my co-workers on the phone laughing about I'd tell them to shut up for many reasons, some being; I'm at work, you're getting paid to work not good off. You're not supposed to make personal calls. If he was laughing (which he wasn't) and was loud enough to distract OP from his/her work, I say OP had the right to say what he did.

  racerapj  |  10

well 50 I see where your comming from and all and everyone is entitled to their opinion. if I were in the OP shoes, I would ask what's going on then tell them to try to get back to work and work it out at a different time cause not isn't the best time you know?

  sparc_fml  |  4

Gee I dunno, cause he's a terrible boss for some reason thinks that laughter and happy employees means noone is doing any work?

Gotta keep everyone miserable otherwise they're not working!

  sparc_fml  |  4

#50 - yes. And if that person was laughing or crying or WHATEVER for a perfectly good reason, you'd look like just as much an idiot as the OP did, then you'd whine about how it wasn't your fault because you couldn't be bothered to check.

After all, the world revolves around you does it not?

  xiShawnx  |  0

How's he a Dick, He didn't know his father died, some of you are gonna say "He shouldve checked first"
No this guy must really care about what he does and or a Manager there so He did the right thing kinda.
Op Im sayin Fyl(:

  psuboy  |  0

today, while I was at work, I got a phone call that my dad just died. after I broke down crying, my boss yelled at me to "shut up and get back to work". fml

  JuliaM1000  |  10

Aww! I feel bad for the dude!! He mustve been crying hystericly.

if he wasn't then how does it sound like laughing?

You should have just ignored it or TELL him to be quiet, he then might of told u the story.

  Max24LW  |  0

so whenever u hear someone laughing u tell the to shut up without even looking? u sound like a complete bitch and op ydi, WTF he can't laugh in the office u douchebag

  TheOptimist  |  0

Today, I was on the phone at work laughing at a joke my dad had just told me. I heard my boss yell from his office to shut up and get back to work. Annoyed, I got my eyes to water, stormed into my bosses office, and told him I was crying over my father's death. Promotion, here I come. MLIG.

OP, as you can see here, you just got played.

  xerikax3  |  0

I hate when some people have that certain laugh to where you can't tell if they're lauging or crying... well except for the tears. Although, some people do tear up when laughing.

  fmlisforlols  |  0

Oh goodie, that will resolve the mistake better than explaining why you are crying and the boss doing all he can to fix it. Seriously, have fun finding a job that matters.