By Pooping - Canada - Aldergrove
Today, while I was at work, a coworker began ranting about his theory that the government is going to create a disease that sterilises everyone, and use the antidote to control the population. I was just trying to take a crap in the stall next to him. FML
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  SweetAsHell  |  9

In my opinion, listening to someone rant like a lunatic is much more entertaining bathroom material than a book or playing a game on a smartphone. It's funnier too.

  ntd309  |  14

Explain to me why it sucks that his coworker was explaining his theory!! Clearly he's onto something. It may not be bathroom talk, but its certainly logical. I get it though! Sheep want to be sheep! Statistics show male sperm has dropped 87% in the last century thanks to high frequency signals mostly coming from cell phones and thanks to Bisphenol-A in the plastics...Which the FDA could easily mandate to be removed! What do you think Planned Parenthood is about...umm maybe population control. They hand out condoms and provide abortion care. Thats population control! All the original robber barons like the Rockefellers and the Carnegies have funded these agendas since they had the money to do so. Enjoy the Police State!

  Shrike  |  22

WOO, okay! Someone's been listening to too much Alex Jones! I sympathize with ya, buddy. I used to be all into that shit too, but then I stopped calling anyone who disagrees with me a sheep, and actually upped the standards of my own research. Jeez. Face reality: you're not special. Nobody gives a shit about you. Nobody gives a shit about your private life. The government wants your money and not much else. Get a grip, son.

  dashizam  |  10

Let me explain:
Dude gets fired because he solved governments plan, boss people try too hire somebody quick and low key, they're not careful, and they let DocBastard in. K?