By MandMandM - 19/07/2010 06:38 - United States

Today, while I was at my boyfriend's house, I got my period. About an hour after I tell him I just got my period, he impatiently says "Is it over yet?" FML
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got yourself a smart boyfriend

icantellu 7

I wish it was over an hour. How easy a girl's life would be...


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did you do it? did he tell you to put newspaper down? blood can always be cleaned up ;)

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I'm sure periods are over after an hour. ;P

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I hate "FMLs" like this because they always sound like a joke taken the wrong way. People here need to learn to take a joke when it comes to their SO. Too many "my bf/gf said this during sex" FMLs that aren't even serious. If my boyfriend said that, I'd pat his head, tell him no, and tell him we could still make out and mess around. Still got mouths and hands.

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ok?? WTF who waits?? It's just as fun, if not more than normal, a lot of girls get really horny on their period!

Lol there's always anal:P

# 12 U are beautiful !!! I would love to be your boyfriend...

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#12, you single?

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hey, they don't shut down the whole park just because the tilt a whirl is broken, there's other rides, like the log ride or roller coaster....reference Ron white or tater salad

have sex. no condom needed. "its tough to clog the toilet mid flush"

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43 you can still get pregnant while on your period, so yeah a condom is still needed

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haha hate those moments!! But oral is still amazing ^.^

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I get super horny on my period...I do it anyway, shit. :) condoms work wonders to protect the guy from blood lol

wow the thought of having sex while some1 is on their period is disgusting! I mean the cramping, the smell of blood, and then it'd prob be rlly messy. thts desperate.

Actually, I've heard of people who think that period is a one tampon thing.

43 people like you are the reason for "accidents" you can most certainly still get pregnant on your period as well as contract STDs. 64: It helps with the cramping actually.

yay!! ketchup sandwiches!!!!

why aren't there more girls like you? op's boyfriend is ignorant if not stupid. most girls would have flew off the handle about it and yelled at him for being stupid. Also every girl I have ever known completely avoids any sexual topic durring their period. If we bring it up, then we catch hell for not being understanding. Props for you for being understanding towards guys.

russian candy cane. XP

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no condom needed? that's a retarded thing to say. OP, ur bf is determined.

tweetbaby14 18

this is lame you two can still have sex dur. way to waste an fml

actually a lot of womens cramps get better after sex. my gf always wants to have sex to help her cramps go away, beats a heating pad.

umm you can still have anal sex (~_^) no big deal brahh..

How is poop less disgusting than period blood? Put a towel down. It feels amazing. Not an FML, imo.

89, Not every woman likes anal sex.

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whoops. I meant 28. ._.

twinny_sc 13

It's actually better to do it while on your period all that extra lubrication. Put a towel down or hop in the shower. This is not a FML

92- well ehhhhhhhhhhhh idk, if they both want sex then either they wait until her period is done or either anal sex. plus you're gorgeous;)

knight0748 5

So.. is it over yet?

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that's what i was gonna say(; -96

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ok get over it OP you can still have sex it's just blood. if you don't want to clean up the mess you could always do it in the shower...period sex is amazing and yea not everyone likes anal so you can still have sex it benifits you way more than your bf...examples: helps cramps, shortens periods, feels great (it's like a natural lub) ;) and well dammit it's sex :) guys on the other hand are stuck with blood on their thing lol don't knock it til you've tried it OP

101, thank you. :) Also, yeah those are pretty much the only options... -wait until her period is done (about a week... not an hour!) -anal -shower sex/deal with it -blow job

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62 is my kind of girl. To the OP: you know what you have to do. Now do it!

rebdoom 0

Yeah, Im not pretty at all. I'm good-looking. Is that haterade you're sipping tasty? :] Also, not single. And who wants to have anal during their period?! Pressure inside your ass while your vagina is leaking blood out and is going to get everywhere anyway, does not sound fun for either person. And Sex doesn't make the cramps go away, orgasms do. Try a little intense foreplay and use your mind. ;] Less bloody and gross.

37, fucking hilarious

StopTheFuckinCar_fml 0

96 & 104 are lovin that haterade, jealous sluts. Also, 96 knows she does not need to draw attention to herself like that. hahaha it's a shame, really.

funny1234 0

no they are not

get a life. jealousy isn pretty, dont say your not because if you werent you wouldnt feel the need to comment what you did. grow up and get over the fact nobody flirst with you on FML. hahah

this is totally not a fyl.. your dumb op he was probably just tryna be funny. you are dumb.

FFML_314 11

96 that comment made you look like a complete and total stuck up bitch. Please, don't call somebody out for being un attractive, even if you were some drop dead gorgeous girl, it's a very shallow thing to say. You're only 14 so I won't say anything else.

brianna12 0

96-that's wicked bitchy. I bet shed reck your shit. op, I bet your boyfriend was kidding..guys do that you know... you must be a pms-er, hahaha

thats when shower sex comes in. lol

lmao this whole commentig went from sex-anal-girls-pretty-Bitch. wow....

if ur a dude... DUDE period last at least 3 days

tanjoodo 3

Wow, you need glasses

_princess61522_ 0

153- I was thinking the same thing haha love your hair by the way(:

ur bf i a freaking idiot. lol what a dumbass i lold at his.

LOL That's so crazy. What grade did these people drop out of?

iRawrrrx33 0

125- I wasn't talking about #12 not being pretty. I was talking about 96's second comment geezz calm down.

DassshNT 0

some girls shouldd stop trashing each other on looks, grow up

do you have a Facebook?

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no u can't!! ur butt hole is NOT CONNECTED TO UR UTERUS

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64 - agreed

Lmfao this is not a dating site.

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:o what a poo head ):

wut r u 4???who says tht nymore???

ChrissyRawr 0

Holy shit... I'd rather say poo head than have the spelling abilities of somebody like 115.

got yourself a smart boyfriend

Sun_Kissed18 25

I laughed at this one :P no idk maybe school asn't very clear? I mean they taughed us about it but never them saying 5-7 days, or he was just being a smart ass. My boyfriend didn't know howmany days it is normally untill I told him

arixbaby 0

neither did mine

I guess it's different in the US, but in Australia we learn about the menstrual cycle in school, at about year 7.

Sun_Kissed18 25

No we learned it but the 5-7 days thing isn't exactly the part we focused on. If it was metioned, it was forgotten

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Meh, I've heard this told as a joke a few times before.

ohsnapp823 0

ya I'm not sure if this can really even be called an fml

God, he's retarted if he was serious. (But hey, it's not impossible to have sex)

rebdoom 0

1. Emilie Autumn is hot. 2. Ew. Period sex is not sexy. At all.

too young to know it better:-p

Kawaiichan42 3

I agree with 9.

Sex while on your period is just like sex while not on your period. There isn't anything nasty in the blood and all you have to do is clean up. It can really help with period side effects such as headaches and cramps. I'm sure that's incredibly appealing to women with horrible period pain... So you should really be a little more informed before saying, "Eww, that's nasty!" That's just immature. :)

doink 0

27, I don't think it's immature. I bleed an awful lot when I'm on my period, and I would rather not have to see/smell clumps of my uterine lining on my man's shaft. Maybe I would feel different about it if my flow wasn't as heavy.

dynky 3

i don't like having sex on the first 3 days of my period, too much hassle cleaning up. after it lightens off, fine. but for those couple of days i'd rather enjoy the opportunity to focus on using my mouth to its full potential ;)

cantfightfate 0

when you're on your period you have sex in the shower. it's like you're cleaning up while you're making the mess. that's what my boyfriend and I do anyway.

27 - I totally agree with you. It definitely helps the side effects. And it is VERY immature for anyone to say "ewww." Unless of course you're about 15 and have no idea what you're talking about. But I think op needs to leave his ass! We all know the only thing he wants!

Sun_Kissed18 25

I agree with most of you. Shower sex I'm not opposed too on my period. But I think calling them immaute is a little much. They are probably just thinking of the way you feel while your on your period. I feel like crap, not sexy at all. That may be part of where the eww is coming from.

op's boy sure is one horny bastard. ;)

To be perfectly honest the thought of sex on my period just plain grosses me out. I'm 21 years old and I don't consider myself immature, more I just don't like the thought of the smell or the blood whilst doing it with my boyfriend. Hell we didn't wait quite long enough once and he got a teensy little bit of blood on his bits and was pretty grossed out, and he's 23. It really comes down to personal preference/opinion, not maturity levels. Personally I think most people these days have a seriously warped idea of what it means to be mature.

Kawaiichan42 3

81 is right. I get super bad cramps and still think it's disgusting, partially because I'm bloated and partially because I really don't want to smell it. A few days really isn't that long of a wait, anyway. I have tried it before, and it really didn't appeal to me.

rebdoom 0

Not immature at all. I'm 18 and I've had sex. What's immature about not wanting to get your uterine lining blood clots and blood all over your man's penis, while he thrusts blood in and out of you. It's personal preference. Maybe some chicks like having their own blood thrust into them and dealing with the sex/blood smell, but I sure don't.

rebdoom 0

And TMI, I know, but I just had sex today and my period is not even completely all the way done (you know, there's no blood, but there's still discharge). I have no problem with fooling around, over the pants, or shower sex. Just not when it's first starting and you feel like shit. You guys don't even know the definition of immature.

I'm more mature than most people my age, and I still think that having sex while on your period is gross. When you bleed a lot (and I mean a lot) and you get cramps so bad that it feels like you're going to give birth to your uterus, I don't think I'd call anyone who preferred not to have sex when they're on their period immature.

rebdoom 0

Right? 27 and 49 seem to fit into that "warped idea of what immature means" :P I've been with my one and only boyfriend for 2 years, been best friends for 4. We're extremely close, understanding, and pretty much have no hang-ups when it comes to sex. He says he doesn't mind if it's happening and I tend to get pretty horny, but I don't feel comfortable at all, unless we do it in shower, which isn't so easy in a tiny one. Seriously. A little oral for him, and I get to sit back, relax and enjoy all the nice foreplay and cuddling. Gets you super excited for when you aren't all bloody and nasty ;]

very well sed 59 & 81

On a related note: Am I the only one who doesn't like shower sex?! Too painful, and I'm such a klutz that I'm too worried about winding up in the ER to get into it. Wouldn't height differences cause problems, too?

Kawaiichan42 3

No, IrishJane, you are not. I'm not really sure how it would work anyway. I'm short enough that I can't have sex standing up at all. >

sex on your period is still a bad idea. you're very vulnerable to stds and infections and it can really hurt! and also, yes, blood, especially vagina blood, is ew. its not immature to be turned off by the sight of blood, anymore than the sight of pus or poop. its still waste product and just because you have to deal with it regularly doesn't mean its not ew.

when the river runs red, take the dirt road instead

Marikamaria 3

Haha :D

stupid boyfriend of yours op. He has no idea how long it lasts does he? haha I want to see his face when you told him how long it lasts.LOL

Well a period can really be any interval of time.

What the hell? Why did my comment get posted twice. Well okay, in that case, he's a loser.

kinaayo 0

no period can last an hour 16. period sex is gross