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  sparx1_1  |  12

Depending on what the child's behaviour is like on a day to day basis, you can sue the parents for basically having a horrible child and you can sue the daycare/school for not doing enough to protect the staff from said horrible child.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

This is what happens when you whup a misbehaving child with your bare hands instead of an object.

While you recover, read up on modern child-rearing practice by experts like Joan Crawford and Adrian Peterson.

By  bliadddrwg42  |  4

OP I worked a job where the risks of injury from a child were also pretty extreme. I think people don't realize how couldn't children can become when having an episode like that, especially when you yourself are working so hard to help the child and ensure that they themselves are not injured.

  sparx1_1  |  12

Unless that child has severe mental or emotional issue then "intervention" is just permission to become more violent.

It's the lack of consequences that encourages this behaviour for most kids.
I looked after kids with behaviour problems and amazingly they stopped having problems almost immediately. And no, I never laid a hand on any kids. It's amazing how quickly they get their shit together when a temper tantrum in the morning means no cookies in the afternoon.

By  vegantreegirl  |  26

I'm so sorry. I work with special needs adults. Thankfully I haven't had anything too bad happen, but I've been slapped in the face and yelled at. Care work is very important, but also high stress. I hope you heal quick!

By  hotchickennugget  |  9

Sorry, OP. I babysat a 2-year-old the other day and she accidentally punched me in the nose - it hurt like hell, and that was on accident! People don't understand how much physical damage little kids are capable of causing.