By RJB - 29/07/2011 02:48 - United States

Today, while having sex with my boyfriend, I got so bored I made a "to do" list for the week. FML
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list: 1. buy BIG vibrator. 2. get a BF that performs better. 3. get milk and eggs


things to do: 1. find a way to spice up sex life. pronto.

I wonder what was on this "to do" list...

Correction, Thing to do: 1. Find new boyfriend.

Who do you plan on doing?

why's it always the guy, it could be like tossing a hot dog down a hallway.

Damn, That was removed fast! Wonder what it was...

*writes to do list on Bf's leg while giving a BJ*

lmao. that's funny.

You should talk with ur boyfriend about this and learn how to spice ur sex relation

am I in the list? (:

Why do people assume it's the guy's fault? Maybe OP was just lying there. Either way I think OP deserves it. For not talking to her BF, or for not being better than a blow up doll.

Haha that's funny !

I agree with people like 128. it's NOT always the guys fault. my ex was one of those girls that just laid there the whole time and left everything up to me. sounds great, aside from the fact that it makes for a horrible sex life.

it's not his small penis, it's her large uterus

OP's a whore, no wonder why she can't feel shit

This is definately a YDI. Rather than trying to fix the problem, or even make the bf aware that something is wrong she just laids there, bored enough to think up a to do list

173 Since when does the penis go into the uterus?

Since ppl skipped sex ed

Not her boyfriend.

beiberslayer... you made me lmao :D

lawl .....................................................

I was the first of many many thumbs up

Things sort of backfired.

7. i was the first of many thumbs down.

I was the first of many to thumbs down

I was the first of many many thumbs down

I'll say, this got more thumbs down yet more comments.

what was on the to do list

how did you write down the list?

1. Make a sammich 2. Refer to 1

correction: WHO was on the list?

haha He was obvs not on the list

to do list: don't have sex with boyfriend teach boyfriend how to have sex

244- how can she teach her boyfriend how to have sex if she's not having sex with him???

Haha I actually giggled at this lol

and the first of many thumbs down.

Haha I actually giggled at this lol

your pathetic. you should have been born with a tighter vagina.

I bet that's what you say about the girls you get with to make yourself feel better. stop kidding yourself you're tiny.

actualy i cut my penis off, and sewed it to my left calf. big man.

u must be a boring lay to were he doesnt even bother trying new stuff with u :/

Yeah she may be laying there like a ragdoll. If so YDI, but if you are getting into it and not just laying there, FYL.

what with his sperm?