By inder - United Kingdom
  Today, while having sex, I found out that I'm so flexible that when I bend over backwards, the backs of my knees can touch my shoulders. My boyfriend is now extremely jealous and is debating about breaking up with me. Even I don't get it. FML
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By  SulfurPlague  |  0

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  Syntax_fml  |  4

99.99% of people who can bend backwards that far cannot bend forwards anywhere near that far.
99.99% of people who can bend forwards that far cannot bend backwards anywhere near that far.

It's a this or that kind of thing. very very few people can bend both ways.

  mjeter86  |  3

Stop making shit up! ever heard of a ballerina? i used to be one and all the ballerinas i knew were able to bend that far backward and forward. same with gymnasts. there are millions of people who can bend both ways. look it up before u decide to go around reporting erroneous statistics.

  Scarshadow101  |  6

I think we might be over-exaggerating a little bit here. I don't think millions of people can bend that far one way, forget bending that far both ways.

Maybe we should all take a chill pill and go cuddle with our tutu's, 'kay?

By  cathylee22  |  4

He should love that!! Most men would oh wait that means you are dating a wonder why he can't appreciate your flexability or use his imagination to both of your advantages!