By XxDiabolikalXx - France
Today, while having dinner, my boyfriend decided to tell everyone about our sex life. It wouldnt have been too bad except my father was sitting right next to me. My boyfriends excuse was that he wanted to make my dad laugh. He isn't laughing. FML
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  starile  |  19

Anti flood protection is when you are posting too many comments on FML too quickly, so you have to give it a minute before you can post again.

By  Doortje  |  29

What kind of things was he saying? Details please :) So we can make up our minds if either your boyfriend is stupid or your dad has no humor. Or both.

By  LemonpartyIsSexy  |  0

Today, at dinner, my daughters boyfriend decided to spend 45min of the dinner telling me my daughter "looks like shes in a snowglobe when i come. " and said she screams like my wife when she orgasms.FML.