By pregz - United States - Vancouver
Today, while grocery shopping, I was having such terrible abdominal pains I could hardly walk. As I'm 8 months pregnant, I told my husband we should head home. He thought a better idea was to run through the store and hide from me, hoping to induce labor by making me chase him. FML
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  poopsi  |  19

Especially when there are multiple lives at stake.. It was wrong of him to treat it as a joke, OP. Congratulations on the pregnancy, though. :3

By  jer_36  |  10

Obviously he doesn't respect you or the child, stress isn't good for baby or mom. Think carefully if you want to spend the rest of your life with him. Maturity might never show up for him

By  Syndromia  |  15

What an ass! If you choose not to leave him for this, and I would be seriously considering it if I were in your shoes, always have a set of keys so that if he pulls this kind of stunt again you can just go on home yourself. If you are at a party or something, make sure one of you parks in such a manner that you can't be blocked in. If either of these things are impossible make sure you have cash for a cab.

  sierra142  |  19

You would leave your husband whilst pregnant because he ran and hid from you as a joke in a shop? No wonder the divorce rate is so high when people bail at the slightest discomfort.

  arsenicalhumor  |  30

At this time, it would be better if OP stayed with her childs' father. What he did was very immature, but it wasn't the worst that could of happened. Hopefully he won't do it again, but breaking up over it would be irresponsible in many ways.

  Sonfang  |  19

22, 30, and 35 they were talking about leaving the husband at the store. Perhaps you three and everyone who down voted should have read the whole comment, you would have seen that they meant for OP to go home and make the husband walk back.
I absolutely agree, she should have been sure she had the keys to leave his dumb ass in the store.

  Soloman212  |  28

If you read the beginning of her comment, she only suggests doing that if OP doesn't leave him, which she would have "seriously considered doing". I think that's the part that they're referring to.

  Syndromia  |  15

Making her chase him through the store while she was in so much pain she could barely stand would be a divorcable offense in my eyes. A man doesn't have to behave perfectly at all times for me to stay with him but there are certain minimums that he can never go under and doing anything other than taking me home/to a doctor or enabling me to do so while I'm in pain is the absolute minimum I'd accept. Anything less is unacceptable and the only reason I'd stay is because I'd be concerned with what someone so immature would do if left alone with an infant.

  Sonfang  |  19

Wow, I retract my first statement defending #18s comment! I would not leave my fiancé for being immature, I'd call a cab, his parents, or someone to pick me up.
I apologize to the other commenters, I was hoping this original statement had common sense but clearly not.

I'd have left his ass at the store, and I wouldn't have said anything to him. He'd be there acting like a goober not knowing I'd gone home. But divorcing him over this is ridiculous.