By avatarnicole9 - 04/06/2015 05:17 - Canada

Today, while going for a walk, I saw two bunnies next to the road. Apparently, I was scarier than the oncoming traffic, because one of them decided to sprint into the road as I walked by. I could hear its bones crunch as it got hit by a car. FML
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Aww RIP bunny. Reminds me of the rabbit film Watership Down

Before I knew what that book was actually about, I thought it was some awesome story about a naval battle or something.

Lol what's the book about? When I watched it years ago, all there was were bunnies .-. Just bunnies doing bunny stuff

#17 How do you watch a book

I just remember rabbits killing rabbits in the show..

animals can be kind of dumb sometimes, sorry OP

Well don't let it go to waste. Better call McDonald's and let them use it.

Knowing mc donalds, they probably do use road kill

lol you wish. McDonalds uses worse than roadkill.

McDonald's likely doesn't use ingredients that have ever even been killed; it's all slime.

The last time I saw two bunnies on the side of the road, I took them home as pets. :3

I don't think OP can take the bunnies home, seeing one of them is a pancake now.

Awe ftbl- fuck that bunny's life

I read this comment and wonder how many of us needed you to break down that initialism.

Well shit. Poor bunny. Well, it's in a better place I hope.

In the middle of the road? Is that really a better place?

the big carrot farm in the sky.

It couldn't have thought of going in ANY other direction? Natural selection was coming for that rabbit anyways. If anything, you've strengthened their gene pool. Jokes aside, sorry you had to see that. RIP. :(

That's one quiet engine you got there.

Oh god I actually laughed at your comment xD it's cruel yet funny :3

I actually dislike you so much ColonelCusswords.

#26 thanks bud, i do the best i can