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Okay, I don't get it. I know getting hit by a car twice is an FML. What's with the 2nd car? How is that an FML? Did the 1st car not stop? How did this make it past the moderators?


I think that the second car hit wasn't exactly an "accident" while on the ground apparently the driver ran him over "to see of op was alright". sucks right?

if it was ur fault then FYL but if the driver of the car ran a stop sign or something like that sue the bastard or bitch or motherf*cker or f*cker

By  TRayT

I don't understand the logistics of this one, what is your condition currently? I mean, I've been hit by a car before, but it wasn't a high speed situation, and there wasn't a huge amount of displacement. So, the only way I can imagine this is if the first car hit you, you fell to the ground between the wheels, allowing the vehicle to drive over. The next car drove over you as you attempted to get up, still avoiding contact with the wheels.

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