By DrGas - 04/09/2009 04:30 - United States

Today, while giving a lecture about gases to a large chemistry class, I went outside to let loose an unusualy loud fart while they took some notes. I came back in only to see 300 students dying of laughter. I had left the wireless mic on. FML
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I can see something like this actually happening, and it's fantastic. I only wish I could've been one of your students. What a story.


YDI for sure, but I bet you'll be remembered for the rest of your life. You're famous now!

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beans beans the musical fruit ..................

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That happened to one of my profs once (not the farting, the leaving the mic on) while he swore and yelled at the audio visual tech's for setting up the wrong presentation in a sound proof room. Not so sound proof when you leave the mic on :p

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a chem teacher could spell "gases" correctly.

83, op did spell it correctly, I'm an English major, I should know.

It can be spelled with or without two s's. (Gases or gasses.)

That's hot. That blows your chances of well... Getting blown.

It's good to see some teachers are still thorough in their teachings.

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wow ur gas is loud means u r very very fat man or lady or shemale or watever. go reduce some weight tgen come here again

Reading not your strength? The OP is a man and everyone farts - shocking I know, but true.

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Typing isn't their strength either.

Grammar isn't your strength, #27. #4 is one person, not two or more. You should have used "he" or "she" in place of "their". ;D

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How ironic, seeing grammar obviously isn't your strength, #48. People tend to use a singular "their" when they do not know the sex of the person they're talking about. For example, "anyone who thinks they might have the swine flu, should consult with /their/ doctor.

@48 Grammar... strength... etc. Surely you mean "his" and "her" there, respectively.

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50: whether or not people tend to do something doesn't decide if it's right. it's correct to say he/she or him/her, although everybody just says their. so um. i suppose grammar isn't really your strength either.

You don't have to be fat or a shemale to have loud farts... it's just the strength you use.

All this irony might give me a heart attack, because I'm "a very very fat man" who's "gas is loud".

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58, I agree to a point. However if you think about it definitions change as laguage evolves. Look at all the new words added to the (American) English dictionary in recent years. I havnt checked on the word " their", but I personally prefer it over the use of "his/her". It's just awkward.

I can see something like this actually happening, and it's fantastic. I only wish I could've been one of your students. What a story.

bahahahahaha - that's brilliant. All I get to hear on my recorded lectures are other students coughing!