By Anonymous
  Today, while getting steamy with my boyfriend, I tried to be sexy and tease him by playfully pushing his hands away every time he touched me. He responded by telling me it's OK if we didn't have sex because my breath was a bit "funky" and he needed to take "a massive dump anyway." FML
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  kenken5  |  16

It can be fun foreplay if done right. Like to tell your boyfriend “no touching” while you kiss and touch him and knocking his hands away if he tries. The most important thing is to preface that it’s a game

By  Xatraris  |  35

No means no. I've expressed to my current gf how many times I've been pushed away by ex girlfriends in the same manner will make me stop completely. So stop pushing him away if you really want him or you will push him away for good.

By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

Dear ladies, please leave this nonsense to those wussy sub bastards. If you want sex, stop messing around, or we'll get fed up, and walk away. It's an instant mood killer, and if we think we're not getting any, we're gonna go vent our frustration on our video games.