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"Curious as to exactly what animal, I wound down my window to see if I could hear them..." YDI >:D That's so cute xD

Well, now you know! xD


definitely fake, if it was accelerating the cow shit would have been going forward due to physics and laws of relative motion, and not even hit the front of your car, much less curving around your window IF YOU ARE ACCELERATING FORWARD, THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY THE SHIT CAN ACCELERATE BACKWARDS come on moderators, think about if an FML is physically possible before passing it brooo

you don't know much about real physics now do you its quite possible, given the length of the truck, wind, angles of departure, weight, mass, air pressure, etc etc



Lmao that sucks so much. I feel bad for you! fyl

"Curious as to exactly what animal, I wound down my window to see if I could hear them..." YDI >:D That's so cute xD

lol perfect timing

Well, now you know! xD

At least you found out.

fake. if you couldnt see what animal was in the truck, how the hell did cow shit fly out to hit you?

That's what I'm wondering.

Okay guys, seriously. MAYBE when she looked up, she saw some type of animal's ass in her face. SO she rolled her window down to hear it. The truck takes off, animal shits, and she hears the damn thing moo.

That doesn't add up because if she saw a cows ass it would be pretty obvious it's a cow.!! Also if you can see it's ass when you are stopped at the light you should be able to see more as they drive away!!! THINK

Since there was no mention of sticking your head out the window, in order for your face to be hit with flying cow shit, the shit must travel alongside your car, then magically cut left at a 90 degree angle to hit your face through the open window. What with there being a windshield and all. Next time you write a fake FML, at least do us the favor of not forcing us to grant you the existence of supernatural feces that can fly in any direction at will, like the orbs in Phantasm. It's just common courtesy, mmkay? Mmkay.