By me - 21/02/2012 23:56 - United States

Today, while driving, I slowed down and made sure I safely went by a pedestrian, and in the process rear-ended the car in front of me. FML
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Thats why you should also pay attention to other cars.

Must have been a very attractive pedestrian to distract you that much. ;)


I'm an excellent driver.

Cool story bro

Since when would a ninja need to drive...? And I cannot comprehend how you can let a pedestrian get by safely and rear-end someone, were they beside O.P? Or behind...? Couldn't of been in front, otherwise they would of been sandwiched between two cars... I don't want to live on this planet anymore. -_-

Maybe you should teach OP to drive

u son of a bitch that was me haha jk jk wouldn't that be great tho



aww no one got it...

Boo to everyone thumbing down a rain man reference.

Thats why you should also pay attention to other cars.

Not the problem here, it wasn't OPs fault.

#15 ya it was. Rear end crashes are always the person who did the rear ending. So in this case, it kinda is OP's fault, even though they were trying to avoid a pedestrian

#34 That's not true. What if the person in front stopped suddenly without warning?

42- Technically 'you're'(the driver in behind) is still at fault. You should be a safe distance behind the driver, not up his ass. What if he or she had a heart attack? Or suddenly hit ice? You should be far enough behind to be able to move out of the way instead of hitting them.

34- I was at a gas station once and the person put their car in reverse, backed into me, and tried to blame me for getting gas. I was out of my car, and pumping gas. They almost believed him, until I asked to see the security tape.

Yeah... if OP can't pay attention to more than one moving object at a time, he should be taking the bus instead.

Would u rather kill someone by accident or get rear ended?

Safety can be dangerous...

You're not the only one on the road, but also people can be stupid and rear end you at any time. Hmm.

If you re-read the FML, OP was the one who rear-ended someone, not the one who got rear-ended.


They obviously didn't slow down fast enough if they rear ended the car in front of them. How the hell do you do that?

Must have been a very attractive pedestrian to distract you that much. ;)

That's what I think thinking. I think OP was actually checking out a hot jogger and wasn't paying attention to the road. OP just worded it this way to seem innocent.

Smooth, pay attention to EVERYTHING when you're in a car, not just the crazies walking the streets

You should play more GTA

I always crash horribly in GTA lmao.

Well at least you didn't hit a person themselves, but a car instead

Themself* stupid autocorrect

Could have been worse, you said you'd slowed down and still rear-ended someone. If you'd been going the speed you were before the damage could have been greater and the pedestrian could have been injured. Just looking on the bright side. :)

Exactly what I was thinking =P

Lol my thoughts exactly.. How do you slow down and still manage to rearend someone.. If you slowed down for a pedestrian crossing in front of you then I'd assume the car in front would be on the other side of the pedestrian.

What kind of car was it? That's what we need to worry about

If it was a 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 SOMEONE IS GONNA DIE

On the other hand... If it was a Reliant Robin, you did good, mate.