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  CareFace  |  16

Since when would a ninja need to drive...?

And I cannot comprehend how you can let a pedestrian get by safely and rear-end someone, were they beside O.P? Or behind...? Couldn't of been in front, otherwise they would of been sandwiched between two cars... I don't want to live on this planet anymore. -_-

  abbybailey204  |  19

#15 ya it was. Rear end crashes are always the person who did the rear ending. So in this case, it kinda is OP's fault, even though they were trying to avoid a pedestrian

  xSundae  |  6

42- Technically 'you're'(the driver in behind) is still at fault. You should be a safe distance behind the driver, not up his ass. What if he or she had a heart attack? Or suddenly hit ice?
You should be far enough behind to be able to move out of the way instead of hitting them.

  xSundae  |  6

34- I was at a gas station once and the person put their car in reverse, backed into me, and tried to blame me for getting gas. I was out of my car, and pumping gas. They almost believed him, until I asked to see the security tape.

By  emilyjgraham  |  34

Could have been worse, you said you'd slowed down and still rear-ended someone. If you'd been going the speed you were before the damage could have been greater and the pedestrian could have been injured. Just looking on the bright side. :)

  sean0206  |  5

Lol my thoughts exactly.. How do you slow down and still manage to rearend someone.. If you slowed down for a pedestrian crossing in front of you then I'd assume the car in front would be on the other side of the pedestrian.