By Anonymous - United States
Today, while driving I made a fake phone call with my fake boyfriend, making him sound amazing to my friends who were in the car with me. Until the red and blue flashing lights pulled up behind us. My fake boyfriend cost me $160 in real fines. FML
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  papernapkin  |  0

About 115 people die every day in car crashes in the United States.
If people didn't do things that were obviously stupid, dangerous and illegal, I imagine those numbers would decrease.

  charlcielove  |  0

oh of course they're not going to pay her fine because she probably still hasn't told them
that he doesn't exist. if I had a friend that did this, it would qualify as a termination of the friendship on the bounds of slight insanity. (That and caring to much what others think of her)

  letmeinplease  |  0

She deserves the fine for putting anything before driving safely. She would have to put just as much effort into a fake, overacted phonecall as a real one. My mum has lost three close relatives because of dickheads like this on the road. She absolutely deserves it, and more.

And OP- you have your own car, full of friends, and you think not having a boyfriend is a problem? Get a life and enjoy yourself, you thick tool. Any girl who thinks she needs a man to enjoy herself in that situation is probly too pathetic to attract one anyway.

By  Trollz4daLULZ  |  1

YDI for having a car.

YDI for having friends.

YDI for having a cell phone.

YDI for caring what other people think.

YDI for putting the word "fake" in "quotation marks" when those "quotation marks" weren't even "necessary". It is "very" "annoying" when "people" do "that".

  cheergirly16  |  0

it's obviously more annoying when people say ydi for things like 12 said, those 4 things. like are you about to tell me you don't have any friends or a phone and don't care about what people think?

  FFML_314  |  11

39 it's *ever.

He is making light of a potentially overly dramatic situation. Calm down ditz.

Also, I could give a shit less what people think. There are people that do live their life based on personal preference and not what everyone else thinks.

  Bekll  |  30

#12 Exactly. If they're put into quotation marks then that means OP is faking about them being fake. I had to read it a few times to realize they actually WERE fake and the quotation marks were unnecessary.

  FFML_314  |  11

She is saying he's a hypocrite, because he said putting quoatation marks where they don't belong was annoying, when infact he was annoying her.

In return, she is annoying me for putting double letters at the end of some of her words and for starting her sentence with "like."

  Lythiaren  |  8

Okay, 55 made me smile. I'm using an iPhone at the moment (acquired through a roundabout series of events involving my Nazi Asian Mom; don't ask) and it loves to turn perfectly normal words into typos. Thank you Steve Jobs, for being a total douche to consumers everywhere.

Remember kids: you don't fuck Apple, Apple fucks you!