By Anonymous - 08/12/2010 17:07 - United States

Today, while driving home with my boyfriend, we started discussing how clean our driving records were. I was boasting about how I'd never been in an accident when I hit a moose. FML
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RedJester23 6

well that was a moosetake

That was no moose! That was Rudolph! You killed Christmas!!!


lol you deserved that.

what a moron comment

MrCalves 1

Wouldn't hitting the moose seriously f*ck up the OP and OP's car? I think the driving record is the least of the worries.

nikki456123 0

yours is a gay comment to so u shouldn't be talking

Fake. Mythbusters proved a while ago that if you hit a moose fast enough, you're pretty much screwed. If this really happened, the op would either be dead or in the hospital.

fakeaccountX 6

Shouldn't have been boasting, WOMAN.

arent she dead if she hit a moose

depends but if they are alive they should have major injurys. if they don't then they are lying or very lucky in which they should take a shot at the lottery.

102 lol aren't

This is why you never say NEVER! Bet OP's a little superstitious now 

Today, I was trying to show my son that humans are our friends when some bitch hit me with a car FML

Not necessarily. A moose is heavy, but they usually roll over the passenger compartment.

@102 & 127 isn't *

That's irony for you! lol Hope you guys are ok.

auntiemomma 0

eww ur so beat!

76, I think she's beautiful so please kindly stfu.

you don't need to be nice to fat people

100- You don't need to be a hateful little douchebag. Punk.

Mind on the road, OP, mind on the road. :)

It was probably at night. The height of moose combined with their skinny legs and dark hair make them hard to see even with high beams on.

RedJester23 6

well that was a moosetake

VertigoSD 0


MrCalves 1


The_grumpy_bear 0

Haha I see what you did thar.

zombiedoll 0

Hah! You're punny. :p Op killed Bullwinkle. D:

AMAZINashleigh 6

A moose..hahahaha

poor moose :(

hell yeah poor moose! it should havegotten up and shit on yohr car

That was no moose! That was Rudolph! You killed Christmas!!!

Ooohhh noooooo!

oh,no Christmas is dead can we blame u jk jk

That sonofabitch!

usmcwagner 0

karmas a bitch ain't it

That's not Karma, it's just irony at its finest.

its not karma nor irony its just the consequnces when we let women drive

kofinater 3

love how #17 can't even drive yet lol

Kofinater, now that's ironic.

17- you are 15. This means you cannot drive without your mommy or daddy in the car with you.

that_guy_ollie 0

unless he lives in new zealand where laws are fucked and peopel fuck sheep oh and brown is the new black >.>

#122 If you think it's OK to fuck sheep in New Zealand, don't get excited and book flights here pal. Take your sick fantasy somewhere else.

I find this funny in a tragicly ironic way. It's called jinxing a situation, everyone knows you don't do it. :P

are you a administrator or something because I see you comment on almost every post

Not a mod. No one in their right mind would trust me with moderator powers... :P Not to mention, I don't comment on them all, just quite a few.

but you do have some power yes? lol

Only the power of logic...which unfortunately isn't a superpower. :P

mandomandomando 3

was the moose ok?!

That moose was a plant!! ...we're through the looking-glass here, people...