By Anonymous - 23/05/2014 22:06 - Canada - Oakville

Today, while driving home, some idiot kept tailgating me, so I slowed down, hoping he'd overtake me. He didn't, so I pulled to the side of the road. He did the same, in front of me. He kept toying with me until I crashed into another car trying to speed away from him. FML
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Just ignore them, that seems to do the trick



Just ignore them, that seems to do the trick

Sounds like he mixed up GTA and real life.. but I hope you're okay, OP!

And wouldnt result in a crash

Or slam on the brakes it will always be their fault on the insurance report :p

not always true. people have abused the brake check for financial gains.

In some states it's legal to open fire on asswipes like that.

ignore them might work, but im wondering why she didnt call the cops. people are weird sometimes and you never know.

if everyone called the cops when someone was tailgating them, the police phone lines would be busy all the time

true. but im going more towards the other person was doing exactly what OP was doing. thats a little alarming.


its all fun and games until you blow yourself up

Should you be saying C4 when the government is listening

I sincerely don't think the government is listening to this website. They don't care about the problems of its citizens.

Sounds like something the government would say to throw us off of its trail. *checks for wire*

It's only okay to say C4 when you're playing Battleship.

Or getting something from a vending machine. I had one at school that was nothing but water, the "C4" slot was almost always empty.

Just don't have a premature detonation... They suck.

I could never understand the concept of tailgators until you meet a douchebag like this one looking for thrills of GTA-style fun. Glad your ok, OP.

Heh heh. "Tailgators". I've never understood that concept either. I thought they all had tails.

Yeah, hahaa I just noticed that now. Made my correction before the time was up but guess this time the spell check on my phone was sleeping.

Wow he's a douche :P

Some people really just need to grow up :/ and not get behind a wheel until they do so!

man people just suck

What's wrong with man-people??

aha let me rephrase. "man, people just suck"

"Let's eat grandma," versus, "let's eat, grandma."

There's also the one about the panda that "eats shoots and leaves" as opposed to "eats, shoots, and leaves."

Some people aren't responsible enough to be allowed to be driving around in a 2 ton bomb.

And OP might be one of them. You don't get involved when someone's trying to play games with you on the road, you ignore them. If their behavior actually endangers you, you write down their license plate to report them to the police and park your car until they arrive. If you take the bait and try to speed away, you're only engangering the rest of the people on the road and might cause an accident like OP did.

Um, 2 ton bomb? Most vehicles are under 1 ton unless it's a commercial vehicle. Most are probably at or near 1/2 ton. And while I'll grant they are weapons, I'm not sure I'd call them bombs.

103, you are very wrong. Most vehicles are 1-2 tons heavy. What you are thinking about is towing capacity. A half ton pickup probably weighs two tons, but can tow a half ton.

Yeah, I thought about that later. I blame too much work and school. :-(

you know I actually read that as your profile pic, the anti-joke chicken. it really fit the pic well.

What a jerk. I hope the damages weren't that bad. It really sucks though now that you'll have to pay for it. Sorry =( next time just try to ignore those kind of people.

wow, that guy was a real ass sniffing dickhead

It sounds like you're referring to anal. :p

Pease tell me that you got his plates... pleaseeee!

I don't think that would really do any good because the guy didn't legally do anything wrong that OP could prove (at least I don't think). Now if OP had brake checked him, It would've been his fault if he rear ended OP.

It is called harassment and tailgating is considered reckless driving. As well as when the guy got infront of him and purposely went extremely slow (assuming he went extremely slow) is against the law to do it without purpose(car problems/towing/tractors ect are obvious exemptions) in the end OP probably won't get a dime but he can still report the guy that was doing those things.

how exactly do you prove someone is tailgating you?