By TJ - 08/08/2012 11:23 - United States - Lacey

Today, while doing my job as a cart clerk, a gentleman went around the parking lot and picked some trash up, trying to help out. Faith in humanity: +1. About an hour later I saw a woman pick a bug off of her windshield and eat it. Faith in humanity: -200. FML
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She must have been watching man vs wild

PuffDaddy395 3

Cleveland voice^


This site makes me lose faith in humanity.

Bug's faith in humanity -1,000,000,000

She must have been watching man vs wild

Gotta survive the parking lot wasteland however you can.

It's extremely important to get any amount of nutrition, from any source you can find, in helping you service that car filled wasteland!

She might be Bear Grillz's wife !

Don't forget to drink your own piss!

62 - It's spelt Grylls :)

Anyone realize that OP has the point system all messed up? It should be humanity -1000

87-it's spelled spelled

luvlifeyolo 1


Eww. That's disgusting!

And that's all it is to some people. Honestly that person eating a bug is not cause enough to loose faith -200. OPs dramatic. Bugs are protein anyways.

That completely depends on the environment. Living in a civilized country that provides ready access to much cleaner (and albeit better tasting) food and yet choosing to ingest a live insect off your windshield (God knows where else it has been) is a valid reason to LOSE* a certain amount of faith.

3 - Not in some parts of china. Bugs can be a delicacy there.

74- They don't pick bugs off windshields though.... they catch them.....

67, By that logic you could never do enough good deeds to redeem the negative scale anyway. This was worded so badly that it just makes the OP look like a pretentious douche.

The prices of protein at OP's store must be very high for the shopper to choose roadkill off a windshield.

It's one thing to et bugs that are meant to be eaten like when they are caught. It's completely different to take one of a windshield and then eat it. You'd think the thing would be a bit squished.

Around the world, bugs are eaten by literally billions of people each year. And why not? Lots of them are pretty good for you. Consider this: Most westerners will eat a cow but won't eat a grasshopper--both of these animals eat grass. On the other hand, we pay a premium to eat crabs and lobsters--these are ten-legged monsters that eat slime from the bottom of the ocean. So why the hypocrisy about eating things like grasshoppers?

Yeah, but if I hit a cow, I wouldn't pick it off my grill and eat it!

126: That just means you're not a redneck.

That's just nasty the last part.

If you work at walmart, I'm surprised you haven't seen that more often.

I've heard that somewhere in America (my birthplace and home), there is a resturant where they will cook roadkill that customers bring in.

PuffDaddy395 3

Cleveland voice^

"oh, thats nasty..."

Thank you for that ^.^ +1 faith!

#5 is doing commenting right, even as they do replying wrong.

Anyone else think of "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly"?

It's Ezio! We found Noor's husband!

I've heard sun-baked beetle is AMAZING.

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Don't knock it until you try it.

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and I'm the one with stupid comments?

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Don't be so picky!