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  thedoenut  |  5

I raises my rod in Egypt and split the red sea by that I mean I ha sex with a girl on her period thats right I don't mind ketchup on my hotdog as long as the bun is tight - Jon lajoie

  MissBunny25  |  0

123 you're acting like 122 flew in from outer space because of the context of her comment... why? I mean, you just told everyone how great your man handles vaginas and assholes. shouldnt it be us directing a sarcastic comment toward you?
oh wait...

  ktdad07  |  0

113 - You're ashamed of your own gender because a portion of men enjoy anal sex? That seems reasonable.

There is so much stereotyping that takes place when people talk about anal. Not all dudes are into in. Not all chicks are against it. It's a personal preference, not something dictated by gender.

  brighteyes81  |  0

So only women should have things they don't want shoved up their butt?! No one should do things they don't want to. You men saying the woman should but definitly not the man are obviously asshats.


^ your right nobody should have to do what they don't want... If you want to give anal find a girl who likes it done push it on someone, or if she's the type to want to be even try something new and get her a strapon. haha

By  whipmie87  |  0

I've heard of (known some) who have done this. it's not fool proof though. you can get pregnant just by it getting to the whoo-haa. watch some
scrubs (and this time it is true, lol )

  monnanon  |  13

Are you kidding me? thats like saying you will get pregnent if you use fingers that have come into contact with sperm. It is HIGHLU unlikely if it is at all possible. Its hard enough to get pregnant when sperm is where it should be what the hell makes you think sperm will survive the journey from the ass to the vagina. You should not even be having sex without a condom so really all talk of dripping and other such nonsense is a moot point.

  kritz0  |  10

It is possible..and women CAN get pregnant from fingers with sperm on them into the vag.
If its quick are such a f***ing idiot if you think not.

If the semen is still wet..there is still LIVE sperm and it CAN survive outside of the body for up to 30 minutes outside of the body as long as it remains wet and isn't on something that is very 'cold' like a towel.
You have GOT to be an idiot if you don't know shit, about how bodily fluids act.
Vaginal fluids aren't only in the Vagina..but also all around it...and on the OH GUESS WHAT, the perineum or taint. Whichever term to prefer...or even know about...but guessing by your stupid response, I'm betting you'll probably have to google it.
Sperm/Semen mixes with the Vaginal fluid even if there was NO vaginal intercourse and it CAN result in pregnancy.
Yes the chances are EXTREMELY limited, but it can happen.

  kritz0  |  10 would sperm be present after ejaculations without semen?
I meant the sperm is still alive if the semen is wet.
Thus.... even if you have cum on your hands..and wait a sec before sticking them in your vag...there is still a chance of pregnancy.
Both the SEMEN and the SPERM are still present.

  monnanon  |  13

@131 If you had actually read my full comment instead of flipping out because I didn't agree with you, you would have seen that I said its highly unlikely if it happens at all. What I mean by that is that yes in theory it can happen but that does not mean it will. Sperm have a hard enough time in the vagina without have the extra journey. Yes I do know all about vaginal fluids and shit like that I have been pregnant and i do know my body. As i also mentioned in my comment a condom should be used anyway so any dripping would not happen.

People on this site seem to treat pregnancy as the enevitable outcome of any type of sexual contact unless it is stopped, in reality pregnancy can take forever when you are trying.

@167 murpheys law is a good point, thats probably why there is so many couples trying for years with no baby and so many one night stand babies. No this comment isn't sarcastic I am agreeing with you.

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

293 - I'm 20, and well educated. I agree that it is POSSIBLE to get pregnant via anal sex if the circumstances are correct. I didn't say it was common or likely; it's simply possible.

  matchnaller  |  0

well as people have already told you, it's not medically possible. secondly you must be one of those people who think you can get pregnant from a toilet seat. and third your "hoo haa" isn't meant to welcome 1 little drop of sperm, it would be killed immediately even if a little managed to make it's way in there. we all have a chance of being impaled through the head by a meteor at any time, but when does that ever happen?