By not chicken spaghetti - 18/12/2016 23:58 - United States - Clarksville

Today, while cooking supper with my boyfriend, we both smelled something funny. He tasted the sauce I was making, then asked me to taste it because something was off. I guess the burned teflon of our cheap pot mixed with Rotel just doesn't work that well. Now we're having dry chicken and plain noodles. FML
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You should've just used garlic and oil if the marinara didn't work out.

They didn't mean the meat was dry, thy mean dry as in the meal had no sauce.


how is this an FML you had one bad dinner and have to buy a new pan next time you go to the store

Scroll through some of today's other FMLs. We have somebody who shipped a present incorrectly, somebody who had to buy lingerie, and another who will need to paint walls. These aren't all life-endingly devastating stories.

Because OP's cat ate the sauce and then died.

Living on love sounds easy until you try it

Yikes, that sounds disgusting. However, stainless steel flakes sprinkled over linguine with a side of sliced beryllium rods can be pretty good.

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If you have dry chicken.. youre cooking wrong

They didn't mean the meat was dry, thy mean dry as in the meal had no sauce.

Burned teflon turns me on.

I doubt you burned the teflon. It's more likely that your Ro-tel was ro-ten.

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Isn't burnt Teflon a known carcinogenic... Shouldn't there be other concerns to this FML?

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If the teflon is ruined, you can increase the risk of cancer by using a pot/pan. You should buy a new one

I highly doubt they will be reusing the pan. It's kind of a no-brainer that they should get a new one.

Oh meal of OP You are as dry as Sherlocks wit As slippery as noodles and moriarty And as saucy as inspector Lesterade BTW WHO ELSE IS EXITED FOR SEASON 4

All Teflon is extremely bad. Go for stainless steel.